Metal To Infinity

From Stormspell Records I’ve purchased this CD. Steel Horse is a Spanish band but it’s rather hard to make a link with this country when you listen to “Wild Power”. Therefore Steel Horse sounds far too traditional, I dare to say too professional. Don’t get me wrong; I’ve heard plenty of professional Spanish Metal bands before but in the traditional style there were often too much bands that weren’t actually convincing enough. Steel Horse is different although you’ll soon find out that you have heard all hooks and riffs many times before. 

Should we care? I don’t think so and for my music I still can’t have enough of bands that are inspired by the Eighties Metal movement. After all these years Saxon, Iron Maiden and Judas Priest still reins the scène. Other outstanding bands from that era like Tokyo Blade, Jaguar, Demon etc. still didn’t lose their charismatic effect on me when I dig their CD’s once more out of my collection. Newer bands like Aska and Firstborn, inspired by all these previous mentioned bands, are still attractive to me and I adore their releases. 

Just to say that Steel Horse is a formation that found their way of songwriting and performing in the roots of Heavy Metal. You’ll hear one after another good Metal song with plenty of good riffs, awesome hooks, great guitar solos… Add a singer with a good voice and Steel Horse will also make your day enjoyable. I know there’s a lot to purchase those days, the Metal scène is even over saturated but spending a few bucks for this CD isn’t a bad idea at all. 

This CD is far too easy to describe and with all bands I’ve mentioned before I can give you the perfect idea what you should expect. Check them out at  or For those who’re heading, just like me, to the Headbangers Open Air festival at the end of July; Steelhorse will be there!  

My Points: 79 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)