Metal To Infinity

Growing up a teenager (and that's several decades ago), I already was hooked on the almighty forces of US Metal ranges from Bay Area Speed / Thrash Metal over Classic Heavy / Power Metal - be sure, I won't forget the old school Hard Rock scene either! Take it for what it's worth but for me - Because of my everlasting passion for the scene, there will be no Metal like US Metal to me! I tell you about this due to my next review has everything to do this type of Metal also - I'm really pleased spreading the words of Steel Kingdom, a strongful quintet from New York!.    

''Reforged / Refined'' must be their second effort ever released - speaking for myself, this album is also my first touch with these guys. Found via Myspace and I'm a lucky bastard they'll give me the opportunity writing down the review this great output, released in 2008 actually. Steel Kingdom is quite unique in its genre - okay, I'd like to define as US Metal in general but their music show some branches to other genres too. As I heard on the album, slices from the world of Prog, Sympho Power Metal are audible for sure. Steel Kingdom isn't a band that follows the mainstream or modern ways of Metal... no way - their stuff is for real, sounds totally underground and I'm feeling good all about that! Maybe they'll never catch an international deal to expand their fanbase world wide but their style of music is only made for all those die-hard US Metal maniacs appear with a burning passion for this scene!    

Remarkable for Steel Kingdom is the band's strong line up featuring awesome musicians... watch out for the unique voice of Sean Williams first of all, searching for a great US Metal shouter, you've got one here. Axeman Mike Caputo offers venomous guitar tricks over the entire album... worshippers of axe shredding tactics are warned. TK Kennedy's drum tactics to sound devastating (this guy is the owner of a real unique style of drumming, watch out for it!). The rest of the line up looks like: Steve Mieszala (keyboards), Herb Renke (Bass). Consisting out of well trained musicians, I've really have a good looking eye for Steel Kingdom. In other words, very tasteful for all those having a special connection with US Metal.    

First up is the song 'Lost' and hits me in the face right away - Progressive / Symphonic Power Metal the American way, own styled / characterised - great song!  More up tempo rhythms appear during the song 'The Ties That Bind' can be announced as... first pure US Metal thrill. With a very early eighties touch comes 'Believe' and to hold on the musical varieties up high they surprised me with a song called 'The Storm In Me'... Hard Rock spiced with fusion elements, check it out and enjoy! Okay, more blasting powers during the instrumental 'There Is A Time' - another kick in the head. 'Beyond The Veil' delivers nice and tender emotions... listen closely and be a witness to great acoustic guitar use. 'Tempted' and 'Face Your Fear' seems to be the right ones to make an end of this US Metal journey.    

Released through Prism Break Records, an independent label owned by the members of SK themselves - I'm pleased with a product like this. I just want to say it once again - this is a typical example of how Underground US Metal would have sound. I assume that efforts like this are not made for the mainstream minded... if you're a fan of bands like Aspire, Mindwarp Chamber or Troll, go check out Steel Kingdom too via their official homepage: or via myspace at:  ...  after all, convince yourself how good these guys really are!  

Good point to mention is that the band is pretty busy completing new songs for a follow up. They've planned to enter the recording studio later on 2009 in hope to unleash a brand new work somewhere in 2010. Good to know for me and be sure - the new Steel Kingdom album is already on my list of forthcoming albums to review. 

MY POINTS: 88 / 100 (Review by Stefan)