Metal To Infinity

Steel Rage seems to be a band from Chile and it took some time before I could listen to this album. After a rather classic intro the band takes off with a good rhythmic Heavy Metal song. Some things that are getting my attraction at once is the good production and the fact the band owns a singer with a very catchy vocal sound. This man, called Jaime Contreras, is without any doubts a very good front man and his voice makes  Steel Rage very believable! The chorus of the “Death At Your Back” is easy on the ear and without anything spectacular Steel Rages pleases me.  

“Broken Oath” is another great Heavy / Power Metal song with recognizable yet outstanding riffs, reminding me of for example old Brainstorm. Once more the vocals  deserve all of the attention because mister Contrera’s voice seems to be varied. Also in “Double Life” this man convinces me with his warm and catchy vocal sound! On the entire album this man proves to be a very good singer, comparable with Terence Holler of Eldritch.  

What about the guitars? Well, also in this part Steel Rage plays high cards! Not that every solo is fast fingered but both guitar players don’t forget to pull their strings on a ‘touchy’ way! At least as remarkable are the keyboards and piano.  

One of the best tracks on this CD, not by coincidence the most Progressive one, is without any doubt “Your empire has fallen”. The used samples in the intro got me in the right mood and what I hear is a first class Metal song! I can’t say every song of this album reaches the same quality label as this one, or it should be “Double Life” what a masterpiece! What a mighty track and what a fantastic atmosphere! The keyboards and guitars are just fantastic, the arrangements and the way this song is composed makes me believe Steel Rage is up for a bigger step in the Metal scène!  

With “I Don’t Want To Say Goodbye” Steel Rage even delivers a ballad. Not that I am the biggest fan of them but Steel Rage proves by it, once more, that it contains very good musicians. To me the song is a bit too cheesy but it fits on this album, don’t doubt it.  

In general Steel Rage seems to be a band that is inspired by modern European Power Metal bands. I don’t know if there’s a link between Chile and Italy but for some reason the band reminds me to Italian Power Metal bands I know. Add some Brazilian ingredients (think Angra) and some Finnish dynamite (think Sonata Arctica) and you can imagine how this band sounds. Especially these last influences are less wanted by me but I know there are fans out there. No coincidence that “Rise” is one of the tracks that is far less interesting to me. Compared with “Your empire is fallen” Steel Rage becomes mediocre by it, even by vocals… God damn!  

Thankfully “Child’s Dry Tears” is getting me in the right mood again and Contrera delivers once more strong vocal lines. In every track where his voice is similar to Terence Holler he is top! With “Dangerous dream” Steel Rage delivers another proof  that this band is capable to do far better, to do things that could astonish the Metal community! Except for “Rise” I didn’t hear any weak songs but this is another track that lifts the album to a higher level. Okay, somewhat AOR around here – although the song is far too long and contains too much breaks - but nobody has told that this genre is bad, I believe the opposite. The Depressive “”A bullet and a last cup of rum” is short yet another impressive fact on this album. Also the Metal version cover of the Pop song “Maniac” (Flashdance movie) is good and original!  At least it proves Steel Rage is a very varied band! It also makes clear that Steel Rage is still searching for an own identity! 

And so Steel Rage delivers me a good album, one I didn’t see coming! Except for the songs I’ve mentioned you won’t find any spectacular songs but if you want some good melodic Power Metal with great vocals Steel Rage is a band you should try out! Check them out at  

My points : 88 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)