Metal To Infinity

It would be hard to find a better album title to describe the new material of Steve Cone from the U.S.A.   I reviewed, Unfinished Business, a while ago, and it’s always great to hear new material. This time, it took a little longer to write this report, but this has nothing to do with the song quality on ‘In Your Face’. Personal occupations resulted in a little delay, but this new masterpiece deserves to get a place in the spotlight! Steve Cone hails his Flying V guitar on the back of the jewel case artwork, and that’s a hint of what you are going to get. 

The album starts with the track ‘Mentally Blind’, and this up tempo track contains a political message with a sing a long chorus line.  Great track to open an album, and I’m sure that this track will bang heads during live shows! Steve took care of all guitars and with the help of Pete Ziccardi on drums, they recorded 12 tracks at ‘In My World Studios’ in Mesa, Arizona.  The next track is ‘I Am Just A Man’ and again we hear nice lyrics with a different approach in singing. Steve defends his male behavior and that’s always a nice topic to dispute! It is striking that the new songs have a pretty hard and heavy approach, and they all are played above the average speed of hard rock songs. The music and metal of Steve Cone is not contemporary but rather refers to the heavy rock of the eighties.  At some moments, I had Ozzy Osbourne in mind while listening to this album.  It’s strange, as Steve doesn’t sound like the prince of darkness at all, but some influences seemed to slip into the arrangements.  

The guitar solos on this album aren’t really in the forefront (except for the solo in the track ‘Our Blood’), but rather melted into the song.  People that kick on long stretched musical explorations, might be a little disappointed, but in my opinion that’s a good thing. Although it is a solo album of a musician, he’s not a narcissist that adulates his own playing. Steve focuses on the song in general and that’s a good and wise decision.   

Track 7 is called ‘Overdrive’ and that always causes a strange reaction as my radio show got the same name since 1981. I focused on the lyrics to hear some more about the content, but it’s about Steve’ love for high speed racing.  Again a great song with a good rhythm and vibe!    

My personal favorite tracks at this moment are ‘Poison Pill’, ‘Fear’ and ‘Our Blood’ but that might change from day to day, as all songs are in the same direction and style, so best tip is to listen throughout the whole album and enjoy the playing and riffing of Steve at maximum volume.  As Steve added this message in the 4 page booklet: ‘now it’s time to turn it up and bang Your Head!!!’. 

My rating: 93 / 100 (Review by Patrick De Sloover)