Metal To Infinity

All of you will know the guitar solo in ‘Beat It’, formerly played by Eddie Van Halen, in Michael Jackson’s number one hit. Well, this particular solo inspired a young Italian dude to pick up the guitar and start rehearsing from dusk till dawn.  Initially, playing different musical styles, from Jazz to Funk, to Rock and Pop, Steve accomplished to put a stamp on his music, which only the best can deliver. Those that noticed my review on the album of ‘La Famiglia Superstar’ might be familiar with the name Steve Saluto. I did mention this talent a few times, so it was a real delight to be able to listen to Steve’s solo album “Resurrection”. My comment on the album of La Famiglia Superstar was focused on the songwriting in general and being a look alike of Whitesnake / David Coverdale.   

On this solo output, Steve is joining forces with Richie Kotzen, who’s taking care of the vocals on 8 songs.   And that’s exactly the main difference between his solo career and his career in a guitar oriented rock band.  There are no boundaries on a solo album, there are no limits, and Steve is that kind of guy that likes to experiment without losing the original idea. The songs on ‘Resurrection’ are solid, varied, heavy yet melodic and the vocals are less Whitesnake, but more into your face.  Steve Saluto recorded already several albums, but this is the first one that I got in touch with.  I believe it’s time to check out earlier releases like ‘Rust And Gold’, ‘Rough Beat’, ‘Under’ and ‘A Different Fire’, when I’m dwelling the local record store! 

The songs on Resurrection pointed somehow in the Frank Marino direction and believe me, that’s a huge compliment! Every track has it’s own power and strength, so it would be useless to mention every single song. Richie Kotzen has a brilliant voice that melts together with the arrangements that Steve composed.  The songs are high standard quality rock anthems and this disc can be played for hours without annoying a minute.  This is pure passion, this is rock like rock always should be!  Fans of superb guitar lines and riffs need to check the homepage of this artist and order your personal copy today! 

My rating:  90 / 100 (review by Patrick De Sloover)