Metal To Infinity

Although, this is already the fifth album of Stick To Your Guns, it’s an unknown band for me, so far. They seem to hail from Orange County (USA), and provide a message of hope which could serve as the soundtrack to the new Hardcore/Punk revolution. This is more than a band, they have evolved into a movement that focuses on individual self-expression, they desire to create a better life for yourself and an emphasis on the importance of family and treating others with respect. That’s a mouthful and really cool message and attitude, but can they melt it together with their musical skills? I was really wondering what to expect, as I’m not really into the hardcore/punk scene.

Opener and title track ‘Diamond’ spreads the message from the first seconds. A message is preached and mixed with audio clips by Jiddu Krishnamurti, followed by a very intense part of vocalist Jesse Barnett who sets the tone straight. The real first song is ‘Against Them All’, and this is a blistering track full of emotion, sing along chorus lines and even some melodic additions.  The vocals of Stick To Your Guns are as important as the musical approach ánd the propagated message. This is really awesome material which will certainly appeal to youngsters that want to have a great night out! The interaction with an audience will create a vibe that could become unique!

Overall positivity comes from this Orange County sensation, and that’s most of the time contrary. I thought that the hardcore movement resides in the more aggressive neighborhood, but this band seems to hang out in a safe haven where the welcome wagon is present all the time! Some of the tracks are real neckbreakers (‘The Bond’, ‘Empty Heads’ and ‘Built Upon The Sand’), others have a little slow down rhythm, but one thing is for sure: they all share the same passion, vibe, and controlled precision.

“Diamond” is a real pearl that needs to be discovered, as I’m getting turning into their message as well. This is really hot stuff that explodes at the most unexpected moments! ‘I wait for the day we stop trying to figure each other out, and just start to understand, quoted by Stick To Your Guns!

My rating: 83 / 100 (Review by Patrick De Sloover)