Metal To Infinity

In the year 2003, I received a package from Hardebaran Promotion Services from Belgium, which included the first EP of Italian Stigma.  The band made quite some impression and the wait was until 2008 to get in touch with their first full length album ‘When Midnight Strikes!’.  The horror keeps on going with their second output called ‘Concerto For The Undead’, again released by Pivotal Alliance Records, from the USA. This horror inspired extreme metal act appeared already at Wacken Open Air Festival in Germany and Slovenian Metal Camp.   

Stigma’s mission to supersede its contemporaries in brutality takes center stage in this new output! If you take a good look at the front cover artwork, it’s obvious that it features comic illustrations of the band’s now patent horror themed lyrics.  Andrea Berton did a great job to give the lyrical themes a ‘face’, a kind of leap into the music! With songs like ‘Chop His Head Off!’, ‘The Undertaker’, ‘Doctor Skeleton’ and ‘ ‘What About A Terror Ride?’, it must be wonderful to create an artwork that complete the lyrics of the songs.  There are neither boundaries nor limitations to create and design a world full of fiction!  These ‘tales from the crypt’ and every horror aficionados will feast on the presented yum-yum!  

The album starts with some creepy laughter and ends after 42 minutes with an ecstasy of ‘feel good’ horror! The vocals of Vlad (Stefano Ghersi) are the perfect connection with the musical style and lift the songs to a higher level. His assignment is huge, no matter if he goes high or low.  Musically, we can say that Stigma consists of very talented haunted members that dare to explore the musical direction, and take their songs even beyond the beaten paths! 

‘Concerto For The Undead’ is a great exposure of the talent that Stigma created as their trademark. Their will to shock and bring some horror with a wink is truly great and passionate, although the musical direction is imminent and pretty heavy and tough. These songs aren’t bedtime stories, but adult slashing of limbs! 

My rating: 90 / 100 (Review by Patrick De Sloover)