Metal To Infinity

American masters of Theatrical Shock Metal are back with a brand new, seventh effort entitled ''Saintanic'' and even this review is just started, I'd like to mention already by now that it's a fantastic, joyful to the extreme album with a lot of variable moments to give you a feel of total satisfaction!    

I've met St. Madness in 2006 while making the review for ''We Make Evil Fun'' - it was my first touch with the band and had a great time listening to their music. It differed in so many ways from other bands what forced me to gave them a well deserved, fair rating finally. Metal merchants working out their songs with an own vision and not afraid to show who they really are - that's the right spirit to me! That's what I exactly felt by St. Madness' one of their previously released albums - back then these natural born happy / evil individuals gave a damn about other peoples opinion after all... if they adored it or not - St. Madness won't lay awake at night for sure!    

Afterwards the release of ''We Make Evil Fun'', they've brought out a sixth album ''Vampires In The Church'' but I've missed the boat unfortunately. To make up my mind about this effort a bit, singer Prophet sent me some MP3 stuff and to what I heard than - St. Madness still seemed to be in very good condition and I was longing for their newborn baby ''Saintanic'' which is just released through Nasty Prick Records.    

A collection of at least 16 songs will haunts your sleep for... pounding, hard hitting and heavy as hell guitar riffs to sway me directly into a very good mood. The lyrical contents of the songs - to me they're all taken from particular facts, actually shit happens the world of today. One day it's all fun - the other day people wake up in pure misery... that's life of course but the question is ''who delivers so much pain to the innocent''? Ask me and I'll answer with conviction: To blame are the most powerful so called world leaders can bring you down by only one button push or one single, false promise if you know what I mean... completely unfair but what to do about it is the main question, right! Fight for your own ground and rights - see what shows up after all and make life as much joyful and pleasant as can be... I guess that's the meaning of all the guys in St. Madness too. Metal music never let us down - it's in our blood and won't let it out!    

Opener 'The Art Of War' - great song with a lot of power but open up your ears about the meaning behind this song. Next is a fantastic Ozzy Osbourne cover song called 'Crazy Train' (vocals so comparable with the almighty Ozzy himself... fans of Mr. Osbourne better listen up to the song 'More Blood' also!) - the other cover track comes originally from JJ Cale, I'm sure you've already heard of this Classic one 'Cocaine' before... I really do like St. Madness' version a lot more that the original! 'The Anti-Superhero' sounds beautiful over the entire line - first part gentle and easy on the ear but halfpast the song, they krank the rhythms and all hell breaks loose... another fantastic song is what I just witnessed.  

I'm having a real good time listening to this album due to the great vocals breathing exceptional great vocal lines - also the guitar works to speak to my imagination... what about drums and bass lines? Well, all works out very - very well! Groovy, hard rocking rhythms blew me away listening to 'Death Drives A Buick' followed by a superb songs called 'The Sunday Paper'. Partial pretty calm but watch out for pure power outbursts lurking from behind. Fantastic vocals and awesome guitars is what you can get! I told you before about the other side of St. Madness - I mean the funny edge... put on your western clothes and have a blast on 'BBQ-U'. This is pure fun to me, unexpected but it doesn't bother me at all. Bring on the beers please!    

'Don't Piss Off Satan' speaks for itself - you will hear someone who really pissed off, go check it out if you dare. 'Show Me How It's Done' is a hard and fast Metal song that'll kick you in the head for sure - 'My Love Is Pain' will hits you in the dirt too due to heavy loaded guitar riffs and stunning vocals. And the great feelings to keep going on with next one 'The Walk The Earth'... pure Metal magic right up in your face. Hey, it seems someone is pissed off again on 'Demons In My Nutsack'. Both title track and 'You Are My Light' to end up brilliant and while making a personal overview to what I heard on the almost 70 minutes lasted 'Saintanic' I can be quite short but fair...    

Very good produced, professional looking (as for the booklet, inlay, lay-out,...) effort from a band released their debut in 1994 - this is outbreak number seven and I'm satisfied with the final result. Those into Hard Rock and Metal music the American way should give St. Madness a try for sure. Both funny and evil minded lyrical contents - they're not afraid unleashing visions coming from their inner mind... To St. Madness  - delicious output anyway guys!!! More info can be find back at: or www.myspace.comstmadness  

MY POINTS: 94 / 100 (Review by Stefan)