Metal To Infinity

A while ago, I wrote the review for Arizona based St. Madness' new album entitled ''Saintanic'' and yes - I was under the impression about great songs I've heard while cruising the entire album. Not afraid to show who they really are, singer / songwriter Prophet and his companions stole my attention completely. St.Madness' style of Metal differs in so many ways from many others - they bring it all on in a dark, funny and evil way... standing their own ground by following their inner self and it turns our outstanding!    

Just another honour to myself writing down my thoughts on the band's previously released album entitled ''Vampires In The Church''. As usual you'll get something very valuable for your cash - also this album has a running time of one hour which means 60 minutes of pure pleasure! At least 15 tracks, each one has its own character... if you like Classic Hard Rock, Metal or to kick up the amusing factor, you've got to lay an ear to 'Covered In Blood Again' which brings on a Bluesy feel for real!    

As told you before, St. Madness aren't afraid to let see the funny part but when it all comes to reality - they'll show you all about awesome Power Metal with absolutely great vocal use surrounded by excellent musicians delivering individual skills to the extreme. You should check out the opener / title track 'Vampires In The Church' - totally dark minded but 'oh so beautiful'!! Played by a subdued rhythm, this one smacks me in the face. Groovy, Southern guitar riffs alternating with power riffs and kinda brutal vocal use to make 'Speaking In Tongues' worth to listen with full attention. 'Arizona' is one of my favourite ones - in the vein of 'Anti Superhero' (from their new album ''Saintanic'')... offered in a lower tempo but this is a song that cuts real deep due to the magnificent voice of Prophet and brilliant guitar duties!    

Also very powerful is 'Head' - heavy loaded guitar riffs and remarkable is the fact that singer Prophet's voice sometimes reminds me to almighty Ozzy Osbourne... superb! Another song I really admire is 'Ever After', as I see how beautiful this one is built up - I'm speechless all over and also, this is another fave of mine. Pantera fans better watch out for 'Walk' - what about the manner St. Madness plays this song? Don't worry, they're skilled enough to deliver it in full pride and glory.  Pure Metal right up in your face is what will show up during all the remaining songs. First there are the top notch 'Missing Girl's Body Found' and 'Until Death' (both played with thrashy riffs) and to me reminiscent to early Hallows Eve in times of ''Death and Insanity'' / ''Monument'' albums! Clear to me, St. Madness are masters in building up tracks very impressive - check out last one called 'Just Say Goodbye'.    

Released already in 2006, ''Vampires In The Church'' leaves me behind in a state of pure euphoria / impression. I'm proud being a fan of these guys - they just need to be heard on international ground. I'm sure they're great in America but it would be a pleasure to hear St. Madness conquers Europe too. If your heart pounds for excellent, full of diversity loaded Metal music  - immediately check out: - afterwards, let out your inner feelings and support these guys as good as possible. As for me - they deserve it a lot!

MY POINTS: 95 / 100 (Review by Stefan)