Metal To Infinity

Stormhunter is a German band and was founded in 1998. A first demo tape called “First Battle” was released in June 2001, followed by an appearance on the compilation 'The Reaper Comes' from Heavy Horses Records at the end of that year. After several line-up changes and the participation on the compilation “'United We Are” released in 2002 by Métal integral, the last founding member Stefan Muller left the band, which then changed name and opted for a more progressive style of music. 

2007, Stefan Muller began writing songs in the vein of the old Stormhunter stuff and decided to record them with some friends. But the project, to continue as a real band, and now they bring out their debut album “Crime and Punishment” through the Emanes Metal record label. They released it in April 2001. They say that their music is heavily influenced by Helloween and Running Wild so let’s find out if it’s true or not.

The album starts with the song 'Last Words', and indeed, it does sound like a typical Running Wild song. The singer Frank Urschler, is as Rock'n'Rolf (Running Wild) not a high flyer but fits well with the structure  of Stormhunter’s songs. Stormhunter brings us mostly Speed-Metal in the style of Running Wild but also reminiscent of Dragonforce. You can hear this in the 2nd song called 'Perfect World'. 'Condemned Stranger' could have even been on one of Running Wild’s albums. ‘Knights of Metal (part 1)’ is a sing-a-long which would do really good when sung live. Part II will be for the next album I presume...  The next numbers 'Reality Fantality', 'Robot Age', 'Unholy Seed’ and 'Inner Demon'  are all eighties Speed Metal style songs. They end the album with the title song 'Crime and Punishment'. Here they take their foot of the gas to start of slow but halfway through they push the pedal down and speed up again

Stormhunter have brought out a good debut with this album. New they are not, but for fans of earlier mentioned bands this is worth checking out. The only minus point is as mentioned earlier, that Frank doesn't quite make it, but for those who don't mind that .... 

My rating 74 / 100 (Review by Metalandy)