Metal To Infinity

First of all, I’m a metal maniac, so Hardcore isn’t really my cup of tea. Secondly, I have an open mind, and always want to discover new styles, musical directions and subgenres. At the end I always return on my initial point of view: metal is my life and it’s the only style of music that I appreciate from deep inside my heart. Now and then we get a hardcore album to give it a few spins. Most of the times, I’m having that same creepy feeling that this kind of music doesn’t bring goose bumps on my body, but now and then, I must confess that some bands stand out of others.

I guess that Strength Approach is one of the few… Their hardcore is comparable with the attitude of S.O.D./Dan Lilker style and gives a ‘fuck you too’ attitude!  This band seems to hail from Italy, and I was surprised about the pronunciation of the lyrics and the American sound that they seem to create.

This is like Wehrmacht and Spazztic Blurr, melted together with Suicidal Tendencies at their best. From opener ‘Eye For An Eye’ till ‘Dance Hard Or Die’, we get a furious foursome that isn’t aiming for any retreat or surrender. They want to spit their message straight into your face and while the spit is draining down your face, they go even harder forward. This band has a really cool attitude and sounds convincing! If I had to choose for one hardcore joy, I guess that Strength Approach would be the name!

My rating: 80 / 100 (Review by Patrick De Sloover)