Metal To Infinity

Originally released on vinyl through Tunesmith Records (other bands on the label were Barnabas and Servant) back in 1982, New York band Stronghold’s album “Fortress Rock” was the band’s first and also last album ever brought out. Name of their game can be described as Christian Rock / Hard Rock with a late seventies progressive, sometimes psychedelic undertone. This effort proved no attention from the majority of labels and press, it wasn’t a success at all, even the name of the band was misunderstood. For those who believed in God, a ‘stronghold’ was a negative thing even though the bible made plenty of references in the Psalms and elsewhere to God being our ‘stronghold’.  In addition, the band had in the beginning of existence also to do with the fact that Christian Rock / Metal wasn’t that strong as it became throughout the next following years. Another drawback for Stronghold but anyhow, these four musicians went on as good as they could. While acting for a live audience, they firstly played nothing but cover songs - later on they offered their own songs to the present people. 

Born Twice Records re-released this must discussed Stronghold album entitled “Fortess Rock” a while ago (March 2012). Hereby, the album gets a second chance to see daylight and I guess that nowadays, a lot more people will accept their music no matter what happened in the past. Let us remain in good spirits and admit that the album is actually a very good work made for the older generation of obscure Classic Rock music. Released as a six panel digipack, it’s an album that belongs to the “Legends Remastered Series”… meanwhile, we reached Volume Six and from now on, I will look forward to all the other unique / rare products the label still going to release. 

Stronghold’s “Fortess Rock” contains 8 songs and let me be clear right away – these are one by one made for people really like their stuff very old school and obscure. Their music sounds obscure to give me a seventies Rock / Hard Rock feel with progressive and psychedelic vibes – you gotta be open-minded to enjoy the entire album. The keyboards and vocoder (voice) effects mainly bring on the dark and doomy feel, the song structures at times to sound bizar but that’s the way Stronghold is all about… original/unique to the bone! I hear influences from older Pink Floyd, Bad Company, Mountain, Rush, Black Sabbath, Jethro Tull, Iron Butterfly.  

As mentioned before, “Fortess Rock” means very old school in the true meaning of its expression. Feels kinda unusual, weird of strange at some periods but in the end, although it’s a perfect rebirth of a much appreciating album reflecting the character of many legends who belong to the vintage Rock / Hard Rock scene. A precious product who gets a special place among the rest of my CD collection! Never think you’re too old to Rock’n Roll - order your own copy at:  

My Points: 82 / 100 (Review by Stefan)