Metal To Infinity

From the first tones of Trust Your Soul, I was convinced that this band had all the needed skills to please me through the 11 tracks.  Sunrise is a band that comes out of the blue, but with the intention to stay and dominate the world of melodic and powerful Heavy Metal!  Their goal is straight, well defined and attainable, as their music has all the necessary ingredients to go all the way! 

Sunrise was found by Konstantin Naumenko and Vitaliy Petrichenko in Kiev around 2003. They are nowadays a heavy metal outfit with 6 members, but we didn’t receive any further details about who’s taking care of what. I guess that those that are interested in the exact line up of the band and a detailed biography can get information at Emmeciesse Music Publishing website:   or 

Let’s focus on the music that Sunrise brings. Well, the title track is the opener of the album and can be described as a perfect beginning! Cool riffs from the guitar, a symphonic touch, loud and clear vocals and great twists in the song.  This is what heavy metal is all about! Even when the vocalist ( I guess that must be Konstantin or Vitaliy ), goes into the higher regions, he’s still sounding great and that’s only granted for the top-class few! ‘Trust Your Soul’ is a really cool track that sounds awesome and owns a very catchy chorus line! The next track is called ‘All This Time’, and this is a real speed metal attack. Even the keys are going axe-crazy and would really fit in the roster of Stratovarius when they play at their maximum abilities!   

Sunrise proves to be a serious metal monster that is able to compete with the major acts from Scandinavia!  This is exactly how this album continues, so the ballad was a welcome refreshment. Track 5  is called ‘Love Will Set You Free’ and contains all the needed parts to become a nice ballad.  Great vocal lines, sensitive moves, outstanding guitarwork and a song that is able to shoot arrows straight to the heart!  The next track is ‘Dreamer Online’, and we hear a female vocalist that supports the male vocals.  Again a brilliant chorus line and a song that is heavy enough. The secret of this track is the heaviness and at the same time the catchy impact.  Another track that drew my attention was ‘Hey!’, which will do well during the live gigs that the band will undergo.   

We can name all songs, but that would take us too far. Fact is: Sunrise is a very promising band, and the release of this second album should bring their metal on wider scale. If you are into Sonata Arctica, Gamma Ray, Helloween and Stratovarius, don’t hesitate when you see their album. This is a must have!  Perhaps you might think that Sunrise is a copy of the just mentioned bands, but that would be incorrect. Sunrise is a band that can be compared as equals! They have an own style to bring their metal with passion, power and quality. This is the next big thing for the future! 

My Rating: 92 / 100 (Review by Patrick De Sloover)