Metal To Infinity

Sunroad is a Brazilian band that received positive notes in the past. The band was formed in 1996 and started to release albums since 1999. To me it is a new band, a first meeting… Seeing the front cover the first thing that crossed my mind was that this must be some kind of Hard Rocking band, influenced by North American bands. Bands like Lynch Mob, Badlands etc. were the kind of groups I was thinking of… 

The first tunes are confirming for a part my thoughts although Sunroad mixes this kind of Eighties/Nineties Hard Rock with the older style of this music. The tempo is slow and the guitar plays an important role, like it has its own life into this album. Plenty of solo’s are heading my way, multiple melodic riffs are lying in front of me.  

The vocal lines are fitting the music perfectly and Jordan Faria has a bit rough yet strong and melodic voice. The man owns a wide ranged voice and is able to put several emotions into his timbre, although there are points I have my doubts about the stability of his voice. A strong point is that often it seems his voice and the guitars are playing some kind of game together, it pleases me. Okay, for a part it may be typical for this kind of Hard Rock although I know plenty of bands that keep it much more simple.  

The problem I have with the band is that Sunroad delivers mostly average songs; I can’t say any of the songs grabbed me by the throat.  This is an album that might need its time but even after a few spins I wasn’t convinced, except for the guitar parts. The strongest points to me are indeed these guitars! Not that you have to expect superfast pulls of the strings but more than once they did something to me. I admit every musician proves being experienced but the songwriting is too mediocre and after all that’s more important than the skills and techniques. “Finding Our Reason” and “Sadness Days” are the only exception, I can’t find out why the best songs are kept for the end. “Finding Our Reason” sounds more Heavy Metal than Hard Rock, especially in the middle part you can expect an awesome part. “Sadness Days” is full of dark emotions, something I missed before… 

Check them out yourself if you’re a pure Hard Rock fan at .  

My Points: 75 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)