Metal To Infinity

Even the fact they were formed early 2000, I never heard of Superbutt before. They’re from Hungary and the band’s very first recording ever was a cover from AC/DC as it has been added to the tracklist of a tribute album called “4.5 Volts” released late 2000. Musically, Superbutt had to find their true identity apparently – all the works they’ve created the following years proved where the band name stood from for real... hard hitting Metal music. At least that’s what my search on the World Wide Web has taught me. Superbutt released three albums in the past which I personally heard not even one, I received their brand new effort “Music For Animals” recently and like to share my point of view with you out there! 

“Music For Animals” contains ten songs and has a very good production to offer. Completely renewed line-up, according to myself it’s the band’s founder / singer named Andras Vörös and guitar players Tamas & Attila those who caught my full attention right on. Sung lustily and with a lot of dedication, this way of powerful vocal delivery does reminds of Black Label Society, Soulfly or Texas Hippie Coalition frontmen. I’d like to define Superbutt’s way of acting as a blend of sleazy kind of Southern / Stoner Metal and full guitar driven, groovy oriented, modern Power / Thrash Metal. Yeah I know it’s a strange kind of definition but that’s the way I feel. All of the songs sound real heavy and when the accelerator is firmly pressed down there is no way turning back. Especially the guys’ best moments are those when they take the fast lane. It they do, the combination of heavy as hell kinda guitar / bass riffs and the temporary, swirling speed velocities are good and able to please me. Along with a good matching vocalist and convenient drummer, that’s Superbutt at its best to me! 

Fans of heavyweight, modern and groovy guitar driven Metal music should take a look at their official homepage. You will notice that “Music For Animals” is available in Europe as digipack (with access to download free bonus stuff) – the Hungarian release release offers a double album deluxe edition as well as a tourpack of “Music For Animals”. Make your choice! 

Approaching the end of my review for Superbutt’s new album “Music For Animals” I have to admit that they weren’t able to blow me away. What they are capable of to play is well done but sometimes, it’s too groovy / modern for my old school type of Heavy Metal ears. Finally I’m sure there is room for them inside this movement – you got to be hard, tough and real good to fight the competition with other bands. That can’t be a problem at all in the case of Superbutt, hell no! Within this type of Metal music, they don’t have to be afraid of anyone! More info at:  

My Points: 80 / 100 (Review by Stefan)