Metal To Infinity

The successor from ‘Handgrenade Blues’ (who won an award at the Danish Metal Awards 2010 as debut album of the year) is a fact. ‘That’s how we roll’ is the second album of the six Danish from Kopenhagen. Unlike their debut, that was pure Hard Rock, no, they go more subtle at work and there are influences from country and blues. The album is produced by Kristian Thomasen, who have worked with major selling Danish artist such as Black City and Hush and Tue West. Supercharger have become a very popular live act in Denmark, within the last three years. To me, Supercharger is a band that I didn’t know.  

With ‘Heart On Overdrive’ the album starts explosive. Hard Rock with a big ‘H’ followed up with the faster ‘Rise And Fall’. This song is even better than the First. You can hear crashes of an old LP that starts the slower song ‘Are You Satisfied?’ It’s a melodic song that’s been made for radio airplay. ‘You Disgust Me’ is a Rock ‘n’ Roll song and reminds me of Nickelback. Than we get a Country Rock song, Mrs. Ferguson’. If you listen to this song it feels like you’re in the Far West bar with a bucket of Scotch in the hand. The next song is a Rock song at the style of Nickelback, ‘That’s How I Roll’, followed up by ‘Redemption’ song. Here we get a duet with Mia Coldheart from the Swedish Rock band Crucified Barbara. But despite the vocal support of Mia, this song is one of the less songs on the album.

‘Rules The Day’ is a song with an AC/DC riff and is better than the song before. Also ‘From Another Planet’ is a song you better leave for what’s worth. No bad songs but that’s it. Also for ‘Aim High’ (AC/DC) the same. The penultimate song of the CD is one of the better songs, ‘Roll The Dice’; It’s starts soft, but become a strong Hard Rock song. We end the album with an ode to Hamburg’s famous district during the sunrise over Reeperbahn. It’s a quiet country song.  

“That’s How We Roll” has become a good Hard Rock album with variation. Not all songs are equally strong. The future will tell if Supercharger “That’s How We Roll” can reach a bigger public outside the Danish bordersso wait and see is the only way out!. An effort made for all those who like Nickelback, still Supercharger has his own identity as well.

My Points: 75 / 100 (Review by Metalandy)