Metal To Infinity

Su Ta Gar! Su Ta Gar?? What the hell is this? Luckily we have the internet at our disposition and big was our surprise that this band has already a lot of albums released in the past. This ‘Ametsak Pilatzen’ is their 9th. (!) studio album in a collection of singles, compilation albums, live albums, DVD and Video/VHS releases. Really strange that this band didn’t reach us any earlier. Did we miss something or is this a local act that will remain in the underground scene? 

Well, the opener is called ‘Hegan’ and it’s a nice acoustic guitar part that guides you to the first real track ‘Piztia’. Waauw, what a blast! This track is like a raging bull that was caged too long. Full of energy, full of power and with a drive that kicks serious ass!  Su Ta Gar knows how to impress, that’s for sure. Together with all these positive vibes, comes another stumbling block: the language. The songs are mostly brought in Basque, and for some, that might be a setback. Anyway, I tried to listen ‘through’ the lyrics, and there was even a helpful tool in the CD booklet, as all lyrics are translated to English and French! Really awesome and in my opinion, the first time that I see this in a booklet! Okay, musical wise, there is a lot to explore on ‘Ametsak Pilatzen’, and one thing is for sure. This band knows how to release a new album. The sound is just how it should be, the song structure is varied, variety has a high priority and the playing time of 50 minutes is just fun from start to finish. I guess that this band is a rollercoaster on stage and they might be huge in their home country Spain.  

Every song on this 9th. album has a good speed, and remind me on the Baron Rojo times, a few decades ago. The three members of Su Ta Gar know exactly how to create a great vibe and above all, they seem to be really great musicians. I don’t know how they manage, but with only three people they created a sound which is complete and without holes in the arrangements!  Great job! The only thing that bothers me a little bit, is the language. If they could manage to bring their fucked up metal in English, they would be able to bring their music far outside the borders of Spain. Perhaps it’s their intention to focus on their own country, which is commendable, but this remark is the only comment that I can give on this release. It’s full of entertainment, and people should take time to find out what Su Ta Gar is all about, as they have so much to offer!  One of the best discoveries of the last year! 

My rating: 92 / 100 (Review by Patrick De Sloover)