Metal To Infinity

Svyatogor is an experimental band that aims for the Black and Death Metal adepts, but with much more to offer than the common acts in this genre. The band comes from Ukraine, which is rather unusual as a start, but they succeeded in adding so much variety in their music, that we can speak of a very original act! Svyatogor bring their lyrics in Russian, Ukrainian, English and French (!), and this amalgam of words and sentences lifts the songs to a much higher level. Writing about the formation of this band would take us a little too far for this review, but I suggest to visit their label at and select their biography, which is interesting to read through.

Arius (vocals and guitar) is one of the founding members and so far, he and his team released 3 albums. The present members played in bands like Triglav, Thunderkraft, Astrofaes and Quintessence Mystica before, but they all gather now for the next highlight in their musical career. Svyatogor focusses on lyrical themes like problems of society, preparation of human emotions, reflection on the subject of contemporary history, structure of the universe and macrocosm. Not the usual devil and hell subjects, isnít it? Although, the topics seem to be really down-hearted and non-fictional, they surely add a certain vibe to the songs. This isnít stuff that you will listen to in a hurry hurry situation, but put on your headphone, dim the lights and sit back to get washed away by a spiral of experimental and melodic fragments without boundaries.

From the very first seconds Arius spits his lyrics with so much passion and so much persuasiveness  that you will be surprised about the doomy atmosphere that you will encounter. This is music with a heart and soul and although the main idea was to play Experimental Black and Death Metal, you will be astonished about all the things that will happen aside of the original musical path. Ever thought that you will listen to black metal with a saxophone in it? Svyatogor is using it! Ever thought that carnival music could merge with black and death? Svyatogor does! Ever thought that Jazz fits with Black? Svyagotor succeeds! Whatever this band is trying to create, they admirably know how to work the whole thing out. This is music to become scared off! The vocal parts are so determined, so volitional and well-structured that a cold shiver will run over your backbone.

The best part of this album is simple: the more you will dare to listen to it, to more you will become addicted to their mixture of styles and precise execution! The album is spinning again and again since a few hours, and if there is one band that might come close to Svyagotor, I would mention Moonspell in their darkest era! Ukraine knows how to shock the musical world! Svyagotor is the future !!

My rating: 92 / 100 (Review by Patrick De Sloover)