Metal To Infinity

Sweet Comfort Band is an old Ė already disbanded Ė Christian Rock formation. Taking of in 1972 the band played or should I say mixed several Music styles but the Christian message was all the time present. No wonder that Retroactive re-released this record, official year of debut is 1984. 

If youíre into AOR then Sweet Comfort Band might be something you are looking for. I know, 1984 was a long time ago but still this album sound good. The production sounds up-to-date and thereís not much negative to say about the Music. Okay, AOR isnít exactly a hype anymore but to me this kind of Music will never sound dated! One after another ultra melodic song is heading my way! I can listen to a wide range of Rock and Metal Music but I admit AOR has always something I could take some time for. 

Hard Rocking tracks and easy on the ear ballads can be heard on this CD. Add a good guitarist and some outstanding vocals and you will discover an album that is really worth checking out. Fans of bands like Survivor, Prophet, Toto, Asia,  Brian McDonald etc. will adore this sweet kind of Hard Rock . 

Funny are those band pictures at their official website! You should really check them out! Meanwhile I noticed there was already a reunion of the band some years ago. I can only hope this was the bandís last action! Iím quite sure there still is a crowd for this kind of Music and even non-Christians will be pleased by Sweet Comfort Band. 

If my words mean something to you, donít hesitate to look for this CD. 

My Points: 80 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)