Metal To Infinity

Another fresh band in the newest wave of Thrash Metal. Especially in England new bands are rising and Sworn Amongst seems to be one of them. The band released “And so it begins” in 2008 and a contract, next to a European tour with Gama Bomb and Bonded By Blood were the consequences of it. Rising Records seems to be very enthusiastic about the band and the beginning riffs makes me understand why…. 

Nevertheless I can already say that not the entire album is so strong. Sworn Amongst delivers brutal riffs, powerful arrangements and pretty aggressive vocals… Musical wise the band is searching their own identity between the boundaries of Thrash Metal with harsh vocals and Hardcore. At some points I am astonished (for example the solo part at “Out Of Line”), in other cases I can’t understand why the band uses such stupid refrains (for example “Exploited”). Especially the Hardcore influenced arrangements brings the quality of the album down, that’s a pity… 

What I do admit is that some great riffs and even cool guitar solos can be heard. The same song “Exploited” is full of them, making me consider I don’t always get the clue of the songwriting. Nothing innovating at all but the band did his best to deliver a wall of sound. The further I get myself into this release, the more difficulties Sworn Amongst has to please me.  

Sworn Amongst is a band with possibilities because they contain pretty good musicians. The song writing is too weak, the performances are decent but not enough to make Sworn Amongst a band that blows you away. ‘Die hard’ Thrashers should check them out because they will discover some great Thrashing parts. As I’ve said before the discovery of their own identity is the most important right now… 

My Points: 70 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)