Metal To Infinity

This sextet from Munich made the world unsafe with their evil "Sycroscope". It is their third album full of Black Metal and extreme vocals. The band exists since 1996, started with covers but quickly changed to own numbers. In 2004 they released their debut "Paths" and in 2006 followed by "Gate". Now their third cd is on the shelves from 23 October 2009. 

The CD starts with a dark ominous intro and then moves to an intro where a classical opera voice can be heard. Who is the opera singer? "Preludium III" is the title of the first song that then goes over to No. 2, "Kaleidoscope". A typical Black Metal song with fast riffs, blastbeats and extreme vocals - also, there is melody audible. Halfway through the song we hear our misterious opera singer again, who enters a duet with singer Oliver Walther. Without pause we come to the next track "Realm of Dust and Ashes, which continues with the same momentum. With a quiet middle piece, then right back to pulling all the stops. Than it's time for "The Call", actually a continuation of the previous songs - fast and melodic. Here they make use of Black Metal vocals and death grunts... in the middle we get a quiet moment again. 

"An Der Schwelle" is a German sung work   and starts with an intro which could have easily come from a King Diamond album. But soon we get back fast riffs, blast beats and extreme vocals, but then in German. Again violence interrupted by a quiet stretch. The death grunts have a place here again also. "Nebelgestaft" is the 2nd German-language song in a row. An alternate song for which gas is withdrawn. However, the blast beats are not forgotten. Again, a quiet piece provided in the middle, and ... suddenly there is again the mysterious opera singer. He is allowed to finish the song along with singer Oliver. With "Embers" it becomes English again. Here we also hear more melody. You can even hear progressive influences. This to me is one of the better tracks of the CD. 

"Ground Of Fire" starts melodious, but later the throttle was fully pressed down. Here both black aswell as death grunts used. Once again at the end we have our opera singer. The last track of the CD, "Moor Geleit Ins", is back in German. A quiet number for an extreme metalband. It even goes towards the Gothic style with this song. Even then our mysterious opera singer takes up most of the vocals for himself .... The fact remains that this is a good song! 

Sycroscope is a well varied album. The production is good, although it could still be better. Especially the drums sound flat too me. Too bad we do not have more info about the opera singer. Will he become a regular member or is he just a guest... does he join them on tour? 

Sycronomica is now on tour with ENDSTILLE + GOD DETHRONED + HOLLENTHON you can find more info at:  or 

My Pating 81 / 100 (Review by Metalandy)