Metal To Infinity

Totally out of the blue, this Danish band called Sylvatica. “Mosemanden” isn’t really their debut album, but rather a compilation album. How’s that? Well, the band released a first EP ‘Sagn Og Sagaer’ in 2010, which contained 4 songs with a total duration of 21 minutes. In 2011, they released this one, which is actually a second EP, but it also has the first EP as a bonus. This results in a total duration of 45 minutes, including 4 new tracks. I don’t know why this band is working this way, perhaps they wanted to focus on their first release as well, but at the end, we still have only 4 new tracks.

Anyway, ‘Mosemanden’ contains great stuff with a pagan and folk influence, mixed in between really aggressive moments! The track ‘Dodssonnen’ is a typical track that could fit in the Eluveitie playlist, and the execution is done really well! The band defines their style as ‘swamp metal’, and although it sounds pretty odd, I can live with that determination. ‘Swamp Metal’ contains heavy riffing, folk ingredients and sing-along attitude from beginning to finish. This is probably the perfect mix for those that like folk with balls… Anyhow the description is, Sylvatica, convince all the way with their Mosemanden EP.

The four tracks sound like a unity, as a unique combination of styles without losing any grip. It’s heavy, it has speed, it has a lot of melody and the vocals are brutal. After the four new songs, we can listen to the four tracks from the first EP. I don ‘t know if they were re-recorded, or re-mastered, but somehow I have the idea that the first songs have a much better sound. The vocals are mixed into the background, but are still aggressive enough to convince.

I prefer the newer material, but it has a logical continuation in their progress to success! Sylvatica is a band that has a lot to offer, so I’m ready and willing to discover a little more about this band. I have been checking the internet to find more info about the line up and biography, but in these days of computers, world wide web and social networks, they manage to remain almost untraceable.. Let the music do the talking!

My rating: 90 / 100 (Review by Patrick De Sloover)