Metal To Infinity

Symbolizer is a Metal band from Copenhagen - Denmark, formed in 2001. The band plays self-penned Thrash Metal which is both hard-hitting and melodic. The lyrics deal with war, social and philosophical themes. Symbolizer has made heads bang at many venues in Denmark including The Rock, Lille Vega and Stengade 30, and they are an experienced live outfit. The band participated in a compilation CD released in 2002, made a promo CD in 2005 and released their debut full-lenght CD album “Thanatos Unleashed” in December 2010. Here’s my opion about this metallic disc.

“Thanatos Unleashed” opens with 'Paradox' an 80s Thrash Metal composition with reasonable vocals from the singer/gitarist Rasmus Kiaer. Next is the title track which follows the same rhythm as the first song but with a calm passage in the middle. With 'Politicians' I notice that the singing is mostly the same as it is in the other songs. And yes, even with 'Illusive Future' there is no change audible… to me that’s the weakest point on the CD. Symbolizer makes good songs but need to work on the vocals… they could be a lot better. 'A World In Flames' is the best song on the CD and also 'Transfixed In Time' is worth to check out. Last work on the album is 'Destructive Fanatic'.

With an album like “Thanatos Unleashed” Symbolizer has done a good job of trying to deliver a strong CD to the music market. Musically every thing fits, and this trio makes good music but really do need to work on the vocals which is a dissapointment to the rest. I'm not saying that the quality of Rasmus Kiaer's singing isn't good but it sounds just a bit too grumpy. If they work on it, Symbolizer can reach much higher levels. With a producer who makes their music even more mind-blowing and I’m sure these guys will be going places. 

My rating: 71 / 100 (Review by Metalandy)