Metal To Infinity

Symphony X's latest album "Iconoclast", lets just get it out of the way. Is it as melodic as their older albums? No it's not, it's more groovy, heavier and with more emphasis on guitar riffs. Now for those who heard "The Odyssey" that's certainly no surprise. 

The opening song and title track "Iconoclast" is by far the best on the whole album. If the whole album was like this song, then this album would truly be great but sadly enough it isnít. What the song "Iconoclast" does right is that it manages to take the heavier, groovy power metal like sections and successfully combines them with the more progressive and neo-classical ones pretty damn well. And of course as always Michael Romeo's solo's are top notch. Songs like "The End Of Innocence" and "Dehumanized" are without a doubt more metal than their are progressive. They are certainly heavier but that isn't a bad thing per se. Because of songs of that the album gives you a bit more variety. Next up are "Bastards of the Machine" and "Heretic". Best way to describe these songs is that they are pure 'Americanized'. They're not bad songs but they don't really stand out either. They're just heavy songs but they lack a certain something to make them great. The same goes for the song the song "Electric Messiah". Then there's also the song "Prometheus". A song with a slower pace and a darker tone and in my opinion, one of the better songs of the album. Closing off the regular version of the album is the song "When all is lost". It's the ballad on this album. It's not bad but ain't truly special either. Though one thing to note is that some of the best vocals of the whole album is on this song. 

But if you truly want the best experience I'd recommend buying the extended edition of "Iconoclast" which gives you 3 more songs and each one of them is worth paying that little bit extra. "Light up the night" is a brilliant track reminding a bit of their older work. "Reign in madness" being the last song on the extended version is a true masterpiece. So in the end Symphony X ends their album as it started with something that is a truly great song. 

It's not by any means a bad album. But for everyone expecting a truly neo-classical feel, well this isn't the place to look. Now if you don't mind having a heavy sounding album which is progressive then this surely is something you should at least listen to once. The more you listen to the album the more you'll learn to appreciate it. I had bought the album without listening to it and somehow I forgot to listen to it till recently and it's a shame. Cause in the end "Iconoclast" from Symphony X is certainly a good around 80 minutes and it's a solid and enjoyable album to listen to till the end.

My Points: 80 / 100 (Review by Santens)