Metal To Infinity

The review I'd like to start writing down right now is all about a band formed way back in 1986 - their name: Syrant! Hailing from Detroit / Warren, Michigan USA - this is a band I truly call 'one from the heart'. So many bands that were formed in the glorious eighties period to mean that much to me... I've heard Syrant by cruising the internet a few years ago - from that moment on I anxiously looked out for their new output which is finally released last month June 2009 by the title ''Coming Back''.    

The current situation in the camp of Syrant seems to be very good - due to the pitiful fact they've lost a true brother and original singer in the band named Steve Pirrone to paralysis from a car accident three years ago. Syrant organised a big benefit to help pay for the very expensive hospital bills and that's an incredible initiative to me!! The remaining members searched for a new frontman afterwards found by the name of Brian Thomas... Classic US Metal fanatics definitely know Brian from his excellent job with the band Halloween (remember that legendary, awesome effort ''Don't Metal With Evil''). Rest of the line up looks like: Bill Luddington (drums), Rob Demoss (guitars) and Ed Reid (bass / keyboards).  

I just received their new album ''Coming Back'', make yourself comfortable for more than one hour of pure US Power Metal thrills. Damn sure, I like the entire effort - an album with a message and surely made for their lost brother Steve Pirrone. You should listen to the song especially written for and about Steve called 'Coming Back' - well, this is really fantastic!  A pure form of eternal darkness to give an extra dimension to the beginning of the song but that's just temporary - the song explodes in a real US Power Metal assault after a while. Power chords and explosive energies all over the way - a blast for real!    

'Ride' starts in the vein of Metallica's 'One' and goes on in a slow down, passionate style... great vocals and well skilled musicians to make this one another highlighted piece of work! One of my personal faves is absolutely 'My Brother' - mid temp awesome US Metal track, totally eighties minded and very important to me... high pitch vocal parts to catch my attention  in a delicious way! More US Metal minded songs  assault from the mind are: 'Start A Fight', 'The Hour Of The King', 'In Darkness', 'Always A Price',...    

I spoke about these guys' abilities adding sinister / darkened passages to their song structures - well, last song of ''Coming Back'' is another track that confirms that statement again. Almost 10 minutes of darkened pleasure is how I'd like to describe this track entitled 'Wake Me When It's Over'. Hard to explain to people who never felt a feeling like this before but as for me, listening to US Metal music with a dark feel is a whole lotta of an experience to me. You should try it out yourself to understand what I'm trying to say here.    

Final conclusion about Syrant's new album ''Coming Back'' - I can be extremely positive about everything basically. An US Metal album with a message played in a most impressive way to me... great voice, excellent melodic guitar duties,... you won't hear me complain at all. With all of my heart - ''Coming Back'' gets a fixed and well deserved value in my own personal US Metal CD collection. Besides worshippers of good old Judas Priest / Metallica, also fans of eighties greats like Exxplorer, Cities, Cerebus, Held Under,... should try Syrant out as well!  is the place where you�ll find all necessary information about these Detroit Rock City Metalheads! Real good album - excellent band!!!

 MY POINTS: 96 / 100 (Review by Stefan)