Metal To Infinity 

Teaser is a Swedish band that decided to bring the old days of Melodic Hard Rock back. Not such a bad idea if you would ask me because I really adored this kind of bands about twenty years ago. Although I am a child of my time, or should I say a thrasher, I also searched for this kind of music in that era. Bands like Prophet, Rush and even Survivor released masterpieces in the eighties but the True Metal fans had too much to handle to give them some attention. 

I've read that Teaser also will record a song for a soundtrack of the movie ''Back Both Ways'', some kind of Hollywood production. In the eighties it wasn’t that rare that Melodic Metal bands wrote songs for a movie, nowadays we're living in another kind of world. Nevertheless it shows how ambitious Teaser is. 

Music wise we can say that Teaser is a talented band but they're not at all innovating, nor can they impress me as a listener. I hear good harmonic lines, great guitars and a decent singer but none of the three songs this EP contains blew me away. I admit that heavier bands have the advantage that loud and screaming guitars are easier to convince people with 'Metal ears'. This means that a non-Metal band, even a Hard Rock band needs more strength to make it in our world. I can't say at all this EP is mediocre, therefore the songs are too good but in particular I miss an overwhelming production. Although this singer has a good voice a  more clear sound would have been better. 

Teaser is a band to keep our eyes on. Let's say this band makes a promising start but in this style more progression is needed. Fans of Melodic Hard Rock / AOR should check http://www.myspace.com/teasersweden . Check it out and discover that a song like 'Highway 69' sounds much better than what we can find on this EP, which makes my statement true this is a promising band…  

My Points: 80/100 (review by Officer Nice)