Metal To Infinity

Wow! This is bizarre! As probably the biggest John Cyriis fan on earth I knew he was once a member of band called Sceptre. They stood at the cradle of one of the best Metal bands ever - Agent Steel! Listening to my Metal Massacre IV album again I hear the mighty 'Taken By Force' once again. It was created by Sceptre but the vocalist was Butch Say. The three song demo, also including 'Sceptre' and '144,000 Gone' remains the status of one of the best demo's ever made.  

At the same Metal Massacre album we can find John Cyriis back as well, with Abattoir performing 'Screams From The Grave'. To be honest it is not that easy to recognize his voice. Rumors and legends say that guitarist John Campos, from the original Sceptre line-up, is actually John Cyriis! As long as Cyriis doesn't come back we can't ask him about it. There are even rumors that John Cyriis appeared as a singer at the demo under the name of Butch Say… Other people deny this message and refuse to say or even believe it was John 'upper God' Cyriis! I suppose only an interview can make the dark history of this band clear! That Sceptre stood at the cradle of Agent Steel is pretty clear and the fact that John Cyriis was responsible for those mighty Agent Steel classics explains a lot!  

It was one of the biggest surprises from the last year to read that Thrustor, former Sceptre, will release a new album. Is this new? Or is this an old album? Damn, what a mysterious band!  

Nevertheless fans of old Speed Metal will re-live the old days by listening to this one. Thrustor is technical up-tempo Metal with influences of Thrash and US Power Metal. Not that surprising I suppose. John Cyriis left the Metal scene years ago, the last thing I heard about him was that he was seen as a fisherman somewhere in Hawaii. I admit that I pray every day for his comeback but I'm not longer a believer and left all hopes behind. That doesn't mean I'm not thrilled by this release because it is indeed some very exciting Metal. Fans of Exciter, Agent Steel, Abattoir etc will adore this one. Old school Metal all the way, heading for a major kick! Lots of riffs are furious and very aggressive. The solo's are fast fingered and are cutting you through the bones. The arrangements are very variable with mixed tempi and are delivering you a violent experience.  The Sardo brothers, whose name was used to change the band name Sceptre later into Sardo, are for the biggest part responsible for this! 

It is a pity that de bonus track, 'Sceptre' – version of 1983  and 'Baptized In Blood' are not available at the promo-version of this release. Although worldwide distribution is promised by the website it seems not that easy to lay your hand on a copy of this one. More info about this band can be found at:  All info about Emanes Metal Records at:  

My Points: 88  /100 (Review by Officer Nice)