Metal To Infinity

Throes of Dawn is hailing from Finland, where they were signed to Firebox Records. This label is known for their dark and full of emotions metal, and I guess that Throes Of Dawn fits perfect to their roster.  The band released already a few albums, like Pakkasherra (1997), Dreams Of The Black Earth (1998), Binding Of The Spirit (2000) and Quicksilver Clouds in 2004.  Now it’s time for their next output ‘Great Fleet Of Echoes’ which is available since a few months.   

If you buy the digipack version of this album, you will get a 20 pages booklet as extra, and I’m sure that the lyrics will be a good companionship to the music. All songs have a mystic chorus line, the music is dark and the lyrical concept deals with the deeper and darker aspects of the human psyche, like solitude, gloomy emotions and despair. 

The album starts with the track ‘Entropy’ which is a song of 6+ minutes that has a really calm opening theme with a lot of attention to the atmosphere. You have no idea what will happen, as everything seems to be peaceful and safe. After a few minutes, the vocals of Henri Koivula are mixed into the musical exploration and this seems that the band is into a dark, emotional style. All in a sudden, a break is lifting this track into a very strong, cold and mid-paced (but heavy) hymn!   

Every song has a magical content and an own style, although Throes Of Dawn isn’t exploring their boundaries too far.  They play their music in a tight demarcation, and all 10 songs can be considered as a whole package with a perfect dose of variety.  My personal favorite track on the album is ‘Velvet Chokehold’ as it has the strength of the music and the strength of the vocals as one.  Some songs are a little too poppy in my opinion (Soft Whispers Of The Chemical Sun) or have not enough heaviness (Lethe), but all in all, I had a good time to find out how Throes Of Dawn sound anno 2010.  

People that are into dark, ambient metal, with a lot of attention to the keyboards and vocal chords, need to check this band out! Jani Heinola (keys) is together with Henri the founding member of this band and what they did can be described as ‘joy on a rainy day’! 

My rating: 78 / 100 (Review by Patrick De Sloover)