Metal To Infinity

There seems to be some confusion about this band. I bought an EP, back in 1981, from a band called Taipan. Always thought that the title of that 4 track vinyl classic was called ‘Green Eyes’. In that time, it was a very promising EP, from a band that seemed to hail from England. As years went by, I lost Taipan out of  sight, and I concluded that this band called it a day. Recently, I received this ‘Snakes’ album in my mailbox, and immediately, I noticed the logo of the band. This was the Taipan of the Green Eyes album, isn’t it? I checked the accompanied info sheet, but nobody spoke about that legendary ‘Green Eyes’ EP. Reading throughout the bio of the band, there were some similar things that made me even more curious… 

This Taipan hails from Australia, and released in 1981 a 7” called “Breakout”, which was re-released in England as a 12” with the same title, in the same year. A second 12” was recorded and released as “1770”  in 1985, but disbanded in 1987 after some lineup changes. Two decades later, the original founding members David Zerafa (Guitars, vocals), Frank Degennaro (Drums) and Emilio Sarpa (Bass, vocals), reformed the band and the recording of new material took place. In 2007, these Aussies released their first full length album ‘Stonewitch’ as an independent release. The band started touring and this resulted in a second full length album. “Flamethrower” was released around 2010, again independently, and both albums were focusing on the Australian market. The original line up succeeded in playing heavier and darker, and the sound increased a lot, so Killer Metal Records decided to sign this band for future teamwork. A the end of 2011, ‘Snakes’ was released, and because the first and second album was really hard to find in Europe, label and band decided to compile tracks from the first two albums and release them as ‘Snakes. So, this is not the third album of Taipan, but a compilation album in an attractive packing!   

‘Snakes’ contains 10 tracks with a total duration of 50 minutes. Opener is ‘Tired Of You’ and from the very first moment, I notice the rather bad sound of these recordings. It’s all outdated, although we have much better equipment nowadays. Taipan their musical approach and arrangements are typically from the 80’s, so I wonder who is waiting on a release like this. Apparently, their debut and follow up album weren’t really highlights, as the songs on this one are the masterpieces, the kind of songs that they want to present as: best of…  

I’m really sorry for these guys, but anno 2012 you will have to present yourself in a much better daylight instead of obscure cellar recordings. I really took a long time and several listening sessions before I was writing this rather negative comment, and the only light at the end of the tunnel is: multiple listening results in a better mood, but there is still a long way ahead! 

The third full length album of Taipan will be released in Europe in 2012 as ‘Metal Machine’, and the band is already working hard on the new material!  And what about my intro? What happened with the ‘Green Eyes’ EP that I own? Well, I detected the original recording in my record collection and guess what? I seemed to be confused from a review in a leading Dutch metal magazine, who wrote about a ‘Green Eyes’ mini album… Relying to their information I was all those years put on the wrong foot.... shame on me! http://www.myspace.com/taipan_metal

My rating: 66 / 100 (for their continued effort and their legendary name) – (Review by Patrick De Sloover)