Metal To Infinity

Finally! It took so many years to lay my hand on a copy of the second CD of this Belgian super band! The “Master Project Genesis”CD (originally released on Aaarrg Records)  reached incredible, call it unfair prices on the Internet and second hand markets. Only therefore I am already satisfied that Stormspell Records re-releases this masterpiece, it will at least stop those false and fake ‘Metal’ fans selling this one without respecting the people who want  it because of the music! Okay, I was prepared to pay a lot of money for it but I refuse to pay more than 50 euro’s for a CD, at some sites it I saw people bidding more than 200 euro, crazy! Not that this CD isn’t worth gold but only by matter of speaking, not in reality! 

Many years ago I owned this one on vinyl but as I’ve told before it was a real struggle to get in on CD. This kind of technical Thrash Metal was very exceptional in the eighties, especially for a Belgian band. We had Cyclone and Channel Zero, two bands who delivered us gems too but to me Target always had a special place in my heart. At first the band’s base wasn’t that far from my hometown and second I was fond of this CD from the very first time I’ve heard it. Nevertheless Target could hardly compete with Cyclone and Channel Zero (especially because of their first CD) in those days. I suppose the kind of Metal Target played was too technical for the masses, not so straight forward as both other bands and many popular Thrash Metal bands in those days. 

Target delivered “Master Project Genesis” with a very good production. From the very first song you can witness amazing sophisticated guitar riffs and quite difficult arrangements. Target played on a very progressive way, used a lot of breaks and varied compositions. But Target also played with plenty of power and the riffs were razor sharp! With riffs that could compete – by performance and sound –with Metallica in its best days Target surprised many of us. After all these years I respect them even more for what they did! Also the drum sessions and the extraordinary bass guitars will astonish people who have never heard of the band before! The guitar solos are fast fingered, shredding and amazingly technical! 

And yes, Target also contained a superb singer on this second release. I’ve always doubted Steve Gray was a pure Metal head, he didn’t look like it in those days but to me he is the best Metal singer ever in Belgium. His clean strong vocal lines, the way he performs his vocal lines and his awesome screams were outstanding. This man knew how to add pure power in his voice!  

Target wrote eight fantastic tracks for this album! It was released in a time that Thrash Metal was on the top of its success (1988) and it must have been hard to convince everybody while so many other first class bands were releasing their masterpieces. To name a few; also Metallica (“…And Justice For All”), Slayer (“South Of Heaven”), Megadeth (“So Far, So Good, So What”) and Testament (The New Order”) wrote history in that particular year. Imagine that also bands like Sacred Reich, Toxik, Vio-lence, Forbidden and for example Flotsam & Jetsam released probably their best albums in 1988. In other words the competition was far too big for a Belgian band and it was way too hard to compete with all these everlasting bands.The respect for Target’s “Master Project Genesis” came later, when True Metal was as good as dead and fans were searching for overseen jewels….  

No weaknesses at this release and “Master Project Genesis” deserves all points (100/100). On this re-release you will find the debut album as well. Also this CD is very good but it will never have the same impact on me as the other CD. On this re-release also a demo from 1986 is added! 

Channel Zero reunited and there are still rumors about a reunion of Cyclone. What about Target? I wouldn’t know, I didn’t hear any rumors until now but maybe this re-release will bring on some ideas.  To purchase this masterpiece you should surf to My points are meant for “Master Project Genesis” and I consider the first CD as a bonus for you! 

My Points : 100 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)