Metal To Infinity

Singer Jimmy P. Brown founded Deliverance in the US around the mid-eighties – I see Deliverance as one of the pioneers of the Christian US Metal movement, a style of music I still love with all of my heart. Screaming guitars, hot boiling solo’s and mostly high pitched vocals were one of the distinctive elements in this type of music – nowadays, Christian or so called White Metal might be not that strong as in the eighties but the scene still lives. Living evidence to that are all the appreciating acts added to the track list of “Temporary Insanity – A Salute To Deliverance”. 

Deliverance released two independent albums before they were hooked up by Intense Records, a label that featured excellent stuff in Christian Metal. Deliverance’s self titled / first official album came out in 1989, the year after they brought out “Weapons Of Our Warfare” (1990) – well, these two albums are both absolute lifetime favourites of mine. Speeding and thrashing velocities, high pitched vocal lines, tons of melodic stuff… Classic US Metal at its best! The band created a whole list of other albums as well, hard to tell but for me none of these were as big as “Deliverance” and “Weapons Of Our Warfare”. It were the most successful years in the history of Deliverance and these two magic efforts – I will cherish them for the rest of my life. Concerning all the other pieces they’ve recorded throughout the following years as well, nothing but sincere respect – Deliverance deserves a monument! 

Produced in association with Christian Metal Realm (Arttie Parker) , Roxx Productions (Bill Bafford) came on with the great idea to release some kinda of a tribute to legendary Deliverance. Entitled “Temporary Insanity – A Salute To Deliverance’, at least 30 titles to fill up the songlist of this double CD. I can warn you all there are so many great works to be heard, some played by bands I’m familiar with – a lot of the others I’ve never heard of before but still amazingly good stuff! 

The masters themselves Deliverance get all the credit to be assigned to the first two tracks of CD 1. Entitled ‘Flesh And Blood’ and ‘In U’ are older tracks from Deliverance but this time, you will hear both songs (actually 25th. Anniversary recordings) as they were put in another jacket. Reworked, very rare, brilliant – especially ‘Flesh And Blood’ set my living room on fire! CD 2 features one last Deliverance piece called ‘Hunger And Thirst”, never released before and so damn good… I’d like to recommend all Metal maniacs on the hunt for collector items to grab on this opportunity, you might get a second chance! 

Other bands that really excites in the first place are Oil and their version of ‘Attack’ – thrashing and banging pure American styled, great! In the vein of good old Dark Angel comes a band called Lambs Among Wolves with a very early Deliverance song entitled ‘Greetings Of Death’. The ‘No Time’ version of Stricken will please all US Classic Metal fans for sure just like Faith Factor with the song ‘Weapons Of Our Warfare’ and Ghostemple with ‘If We Faint Not’ will do! More Thrash Metal mayhem comes along with Grave Forsaken (Bought By Blood). 

CD number two has more moments of Metal thrills to offer – Oil passes by for the second time with the song ‘Screaming’ – vocals in the vein of Dark Angel’s “Time Does Not Heal” period and next band on the list named The Sacrificed takes my breath away, yes they do! Pure as can be US Power Metal at its finest – ‘Slay The Wicked’ they play here and definitely one of the greatest tracks on “Temporary Insanity – A Salute To Deliverance”! A second version of ‘Weapons Of Our Warfare’ comes from a band called Krig, brutal force but still very technical in the guitar moves, very good one. ‘Ramming Speed’ from Crucible Divine is aspecial one to me, sounds familiar with early Candlemass so recommendable for all into Doom Metal. Other heavyweights awaiting to attack are: Walk On Water with ‘Learn’, Visions Of reality with ‘Blood Of The Covenant’, brutal thrashers of Saint Spirit with ‘Prophet Of Idiocy’ and last but not least it’s Pastor Brad that closes the curtain with ‘A Space Called You’ in style. 

“Temporary Insanity – A Salute To Deliverance” is a gift from heaven to me. Some might think it’s just a tribute effort like so many others but not to me. So many great bands, most of them I’ve never heard about but that’s just the point that keeps me going on spending time on Metal music. Never too old to get in touch with unknown acts I always said! This tribute is a very gifted double album featuring real good bands delivering cover tracks from an even better, I’d rather like to say one of the best Christian Metal acts ever. Order right away via: http://www.roxxproductions.com/  

My Points: 90 / 100 (Review by Stefan)