Metal To Infinity

I really was pissed off when the news came out that the reunion of Riot with Tony Moore was cancelled. I was hoping for another Riot album with this golden voice and I was even hoping more to see this formation finally on stage. Well, it didn’t work out this way and we have to wait what the future will bring. I saw the band with Mike DiMeo on stage and it was a memorable gig! Meanwhile Mike DiMeo left the band and for one album he joined Masterplan. I can’t say it was the biggest success but if we stay fair we can only say that replacing Jorn Lande is almost an impossible job. A few years later Mike DiMeo started a new band… Tenpoint and I believe that is the best thing he could do. 

Why? Well, let me first say that Mike DiMeo is an incredible good singer with a strong and clear voice, able to deliver a wide range of emotions in his vocal lines. For some reason I have always considered him too soft for Riot or should I say too emotional? I really believe that’s a fact and during the years Riot started to change their music, delivering tunes that could hook up with DiMeo’s golden yet melodic voice. The power we knew from “Thundersteel” and “The privilege of power” slowly disappeared. For the band and for Mike DiMeo I believe it was better to split. 

On the other hand it would be a big loss if Mike DiMeo would forever disappear, therefore he’s too good and I believe he deserves a place amongst the better Metal singers worldwide. When I received this album from Tenpoint I was curious and after a first spin I am thrilled by this release. Tenpoint might be the best I have ever heard from Mike DiMeo although “Brethen of the long house” belongs to the best Riot releases ever. The fact is that with this release Mike DiMeo is showing what he’s capable of and the music is totally in the line of his strongest points. This is how I want to hear this man, on the music I believe he’s at his top! Everything he wanted to do with Riot – but didn’t work out for me because of Riot’s history – can be heard on this CD. I don’t know the band but I wouldn’t be surprised if this man would tell me how happy he is right now because of the fact he can finally do his thing. 

Talking about Tenpoint is not only talking about Mike DiMeo. Furthermore we discover that Steve Seigerman (Welt, Ironlong), Chris Kozikowski (Destroyed By Anger) and Doug Bohn (Suffocation, Welt, Ironling) are members and believe me they did an awesome job! Tenpoint delivers me five fantastic melodic Hard Rock songs, full of amazing choruses and refrains, superb song writing and first class guitars. These five songs are so strong I keep on listening to them and Mike DiMeo did an extraordinary job! The tempo of most songs are slow, the guitars groovy and fans of for example Badlands at the one hand or Black Label Society on the other will adore this release!  

This is a band we will hear more about in the future! Not exactly a big innovation for the music industry but musical wise this band is so strong that I am convinced every listener will love it! All I hear are amazing songs with everything a good Hard Rock / Melodic Metal song is asking for! A surprising release! Check them out at:  http://myspace.com/tenpointmusic

My Points: 86 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)