Metal To Infinity

Terrorgod their logo isn’t exactly what we define as clearly, but once the disc is playing, you will pay no attention to this nitpicking.  Fact is that TerrOrgoD is delivering a really good sound and action on their album '‘Coming Home'’... First things first. This band is coming from Germany, and if my information is correct, this must be their second release. It was my first meeting with this band and the 10 songs on this album gave me a boost of pure enthusiasm!    Nowadays, people are looking for material that is crossing the borders of Heavy Metal and original Hard Rock, but TerrOrgoD  is doing their own thing, have lack of being original, but play their songs with a lot of dedication and that’s what I personally like a lot !  

After a one minute intro (W.A.R.) we hear the first track ‘2000Years’, and this song defines the whole album in only 3 and a half minute.  Great guitars, good drumming in the background, a pounding bass and vocals that are understandable.  Don’t expect musical excesses, no unearthly arrangements, but just pure and good sounding heavy metal!   

Now and then, there are some things on this disc that can be considered as ‘fillers’, but for some reason I forgive them …  ‘Given And Taken’ is an acoustic guitar  part that even my son of 12 can play after a few minutes.  I guess that this is not the intention of the band, is it?

Other songs are really into the mood and give you the right feeling from first listening on. I would suggest to listen to ‘Coming Home’ #3, ‘Miss Threated’ #4 and ‘Enslave The Light’ #9 to get a better idea what these guys are bringing ! 

The vocals of Michael Schießleder are really fitting to the music. It’s not that heavy, but it has a good driven force, accompanied with the musical escapades.   I saw some reviews on the internet, and for some I really felt ashamed. This band is not the next ‘hot thing’, but what they did on ‘Coming Home’ pleased me a lot. I guess that the members of TerrOrgoD had a lot of fun during the recordings, and isn’t that exactly what we all are aiming for!??   Just have fun, amuse yourself, and don’t fool around.  This is metal like the originates: pure, raw, speedy and above all: honest !! 

Fans of Gamma Ray, melodic speedy metal and those that don’t concern too much about front cover artwork: check this band out at: http://www.myspace.com/terrorgodmusic  

My rating: 82/100 (Review by Patrick De Sloover)