Metal To Infinity

Thrash metal addicts: beware! Poland sends his sons to devastate worldwide soil with brutal and technical neckbreakers! Their fourth album ‘Animal Killstinct’ contains 11 tracks, including the intro and outro, and spits venom all over the place!  It took every time about 5 to 6 years to release another album, but I guess it was worth the wait. Their debut album ‘Ruiny’ was released in 1996, followed by ‘50%’ (2001) and ‘Next Stop Insanity’ (2007).  As their previous albums were released on rather smaller labels, (Bogdan Studio / Apim and Fonografika), it’s obvious that this album is the first one that is able to reach us.    

Killer Metal Records from Germany signed this band and is ready to bring them all over Europe, as a start. In the past, Testor, gained a lot of success in their home country, but the band is eagerly waiting for more. It was a wise decision to play a lot of club shows and festivals before signing to a bigger label. Now, they are ready to maim and kill in higher portions, so they want to broaden their horizons!  

‘Animal Killstinct’ contains everything that a thrash metal band needs. Filthy, aggressive vocal lines, mean and vivid guitar strikes and a solid background that keeps pounding harder and harder. This is a Polish version of Destrucion meets early Metallica and a slice of Exodus with Sodom. Not one song can be considered as a filler! ‘Heroes To The Gallows’ as opener is paving their way to the final track ‘Total Annihilation’. Slaughtering from start to finish could be a nice description. Both guitar players Dzang and Robson cause an axe attack while Kefir is spitting his lyrics straight into your face. Some of them might be defiant, but if you take a better look inside the booklet, you will see that some of the themes are based on a true story. For example, the opener is written and told in memory of Brigadier General August Emil Fieldorf who was brutally murdered in 1953 by the checklists.   

Anyway you look at it, anyhow you like your music, Testor is a band that needs an hour of your time! You will be surprised about the capacity of these five thrashers, and there is one thing that I’m sure off: I’m going to see if I can grab one of their previous releases! Testor rules and is the leading band from Poland in this genre! Order via: http://www.killermetalrecords.de/deutsch/#en 

My rating: 89 / 100 (Review by Patick De Sloover)