Metal To Infinity

Since these Louisiana originating 4 piece band sent me their self financed debut album entitled “Absolute Zero” a while ago, I knew one day they would be back with more excellent Progressive Rock and Metal music. The debut CD was fulfilled with instrumental compositions only – all songs on the silver disc showed the high quality skills of the entire line-up. Not fully Metal minded, just a mixture of sophisticated Progressive Rock / Metal offered in a very mature way. 

One thing was lacking in the camp of Tetrafusion since the release of “Absolute Zero” – indeed, a record deal! Meanwhile, Nightmare Records offered them a well deserved contract and will open a lot of doorways on both national and international nature surfaces. Like the motto sounds: ‘get what you deserves’, Tetrafusion’s new album called “Altered State” is a fact and will take you on a journey through a lot of beautiful musical landscapes definitely. 

This new album differs in many ways from their debut – first surprise is that you will hear a singer so forget about the early days of Tetrafusion as they were playing only instrumentals. Vocalist in charge named Gary Tubbs (also keys / synths) has a very clear and unique way of singing. Able to lay down a lot of emotion while singing – great fontman to me and can be seen as a big acquisition for Tetrafusion.   

Expect seven tracks on the new “Altered State” effort, the production deserves a standing ovation (as usually for each and every Nightmare Records release), musically wise there are many ways to throw comparisons to “Absolute Zero” as I expected basically. Tetrafusion showed on this effort who they really are and showed all the magnificent elements / skills they were capable of so why should they change their style? They just ad vocals to their music and be sure – it works outstanding! 

Perhaps it’s recommendable to sit / lay down and relax while listening to the entire album. One moment they’ll bring you soul to rest… a bit later on the band will be back for more with tons of impressive ovations. I gotta tell you that some of the new songs have a more Metal character and I'm really excited with that. I'm not a big supporter of so called fusion elements added to particular songs so based on that point, keeping my attention up high won’t be an easy task. You will hear fusion pointed elements on the new Tetrafusion as well but in minor ways so don’t worry people! 

Checking out the impressive list of all used instruments to create an album like “Altered State” there is no doubt possible that these guys are very, I mean talented to the bone. As for myself I really have a wonderful time hearing superb ways of guitar (acoustic, electric and bass as well) tactics. Technical riffs and detailed worked out solo’s so pure, so crystal clear and melodic… like it! 

Tetrafusion’s “Altered State” is a must have for all those open minded maniacs longing for a more sophisticated alley of Progressive Rock and Metal music. Adding a singer to the ranks seemed the right decision to me… they’re better than ever before. One day, Tetrafusion is well underway to become one of the leading forces in its genre! More info on the band's activities and stuff at:   http://www.tetrafusion.net/  

My Points: 88 / 100 (Review by Stefan)