Metal To Infinity

Existing for about five years now, five-piece Texas Hippie Coalition has two two albums running so far. “Pride Of Texas” came as first followed by the new album entitled “Rollin” released through Craved Records in 2010. Available as digipack, this effort really blows you apart in a merciless way! They look like true bikers and I'm sure everyone in Texas Hippie Coalition rides his own horse of steel following the wheels crossing the American freeways.  

Long haired, fully tattooed singer Big Dad Rich made the following statement: “We’re as southern as southern can be… we’re as outlaw as we can get… we’re metal with a southern rock and roll spirit… we’re a band of outlaws”. Well, believe me on my word, this is exactly what THC is all about. Don’t misunderstand the expression on the word “Outlaw” - all has to do with their own ideas of making music. I can deal with this kind expression due to these guys are just freebird musicians not following the mainstream, fashion minded alleys of Rock / Metal music… I'm sure modern trends makes them “Pissed Of And Mad About It”.  

First impression on the entire new album “Rollin” allows me to say this is a really heavy product. To name a few related albums (based on both music and vocals) I’d like to write down the following: Pantera (“Vulgar Display Of Power” and “The Great Southern Trendkill” period), early Lynyrd Skynyrd / Blackfoot / Molly Hatchet, Michael Katon, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Zakk Wylde & BLS, St. Madness, Hellyeah, Thunderbrew, American Motherload and Leslie West among others. Basically Texas Hippie Coalition brings on a great blend of multiple styles of music and does it with a lot of elegance in pride and glory, pure Texas styled! 

Damn right Big Dad Ritch is the most suited frontman for a band like this – this impressive, evil looking person must have lungs as big and powerful as the exhaust from an Indian Larry custom bike. I’d like to describe him as a meeting between Phil Anselmo (Pantera) and Zakk Wylde (Black Label Society). Not an issue for Ritch using his throat in a rough and raw or more lower and cleaner way as well – absolutely not an issue for him to take care of it all.  

First song on the album ‘Intervention’ immediately seized me by the throat. Great vocals supported by the extreme powers of both axemen armed with ultra, heavy-laden moves. If that ain’t enough, the man behind the drumkit and present bass wielder are also there blowing up the power reaching a very high level. Better make sure your heart can stand more of this way heaviness because ‘Flawed’, ‘Rollin’ have about an equal character – full force ahead and Pantera (including the almighty Dimebag Darrell) fans can raise their fists up in the sky. Followers of Black Label Society featuring almighty Zakk Wylde’s way of singing / guitar picking should have hear songs like ‘Groupie Girl’ and ‘Beg’. ‘Cocked And Loaded’ represents once again what a great singer Texas Hippie Coalition has within its ranks.  

To me, it has been proven that THC is a real good formation! Listening to “Rollin’” in combination with boozing buckets of beer during a hang out session with soulmates allows me to have a real good time. Groovy and heavy laden guitar riffs, outstanding leads and of course Big Dad Ritch – the ultimate outlaw with a mighty and unique throat. Hard Rockin’ Metal from Texas those who let the good times keep on Rollin’ On! Check them out: http://thcoutlaw.com/  

My Points: 86 / 100 (Review by Stefan)