Metal To Infinity

In 2007, Chris Rushing and Gaël Pirlot began a project with the intention of juxtaposing challenging compositions with melodic ideas; the result became “The Universe Divide”. The project became dormant as the two exhausted their hopes of finding a percussionist and began focusing on other musical endeavors (Canvas Solaris, The Burden of Existence). However, in 2009, a chance encounter with drummer Jason Parker revived the project and the quest for intergalactic entropy.  

Atlanta, Georgia’s six piece The Burden of Existence brings out their full-length debut album. This untitled album is co-produced and engineered by acclaimed North Carolina producer Jamie King (Between The Buried And Me, He Is Legend, etc). Their music can be defined as Gothic Metal with a progressive touch. You can hear this eminently at the first song ‘The Awakening’... good guitar riffs, angelic vocals, beautiful melodies, alternation…. This goes on with ‘As I Fade’, ‘Forever Condemned’, Burying Your Dead’. Also the 6’31”during song ‘Here Is Hope’ got al this elements... best song on the album to me. But that do not means that the other songs are less - no, they are all high quality levelled … Also the next track ‘Praying For Deliverance’ and the last one ’ A Will Only Death Could Break’ are very good songs.  

The Burden Of Existence brings with this debut, a beautiful album on the market. I presume that this album is a in-house set. The production is not bad, but it could be a slightly warmer, more fuller sound. This is a band to keep an eye on. Their Gothic Metal differs the most Gothic bands due to their progressive touch they give to the entire concept. To all record companies - here is talent! Check ‘em out at:  

My Points: 89 / 100 (Review by Metalandy)