Metal To Infinity

The Rise Of Defiance is an album I’ve purchased a few weeks ago and I consider them as a more modern sounding Progressive Metal band. This five-piece band has its hometown in Orlando – Florida and after the first listening session I can’t deny they have some ‘old fashioned’ manners.  

Progressive Metal has always been a typical American style, for some reason the Americans always offer something special. Listening to this release I need to mention this again, although some European bands released outstanding records in this genre, think for example Beyond Twilight and Superior. The very first important fact I can tell about The Rise Of Defiance is that throughout the entire album they create some special kind of atmosphere. Either by samples or by instrumental well chosen elements they seem to be able to bring the listener in a special mood! Another item I want to mention is the fact that you should hear the entire album, especially because some of the strongest songs are held for the end! 

Surfing on the Internet I can’t discover that much about The Rise Of Defiance. No biography can be found, the discography is short; this is the band’s one and only album. Anyway this album takes off with some sinister child’s play and a little kid singing a false song. The atmosphere is right set and The Rise Of Defiance starts their first Progressive Metal song. It’s obvious from the beginning that for the band melody is at least as important as showing their skills. To be honest this is major important to me…  

The band does remind me so strongly to Superiour, the German Progressive Metal band that delivered the fantastic “Ultima Ratio” some years ago to vanish ever since… Ryan Miller even contains a similar vocal sound like Superior’s singer, although it sounds a bit rawer. Nevertheless I discover a great vocalist, wide ranged, powerful and emotional at the right spots. The sinister child’s play comes back in this particular song, the band even ends with it and that proves how much attention is attended to bring the listener into the right mood!  

During the album I find out that The Rise Of Defiance’s debut album possesses all the trademarks of the genre, with solid musicianship, good variation in songwriting and in general a strong sense of professionalism. This band contains creative musicians who worked hard at every detail. Talking about the songwriting I m quite sure tracks like “Play Called Life”, the mighty “Echoes Of War” and “Standing For Nothing” will easily take you by the throat. The Rise Of Defiance delivers music in which every single instrument has it’s important role, it doesn’t stop these guys to stand up like a team, a true band! They way they play along with each other is just amazing!  

The Rise of Defiance deliverse a lot of varied songs. On this record you will also discover the fantastic duet “What to believe”, female voices by Kate Judge, a Pop singer from Orlando/Florida. Also the thrashy “I Am The Dragon” is great, showing another face of the band! Let me just end by saying this is a fantastic release, a must have for every Progressive Metal fanatic! Check them out at

My Points: 89 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)