Metal To Infinity

The Sacrificed isn’t at all an unknown band to me. I’ve purchased their “The Da Vinci Hoax” some years ago and believe me it wasn’t at all a bad album. As far as I remember I received that CD for free, just by asking and without the commitment making a review about it. I do admit I lost my eye on the band until I found them back on MySpace. I’ve noticed a new album was on its way and the songs on their site sounded awesome. So yes, there were no doubts in my mind to order the CD… 

Last week the package finally arrived and a slipcase of the very first CD was added. It was the newbie I was interested in because I knew it was another concept album. I’ve told you before concept albums work out or they don’t. No concept album can ever reach the quality of Queensryche’s “Operation: Mindcrime”, probably the best Heavy Metal album ever! After the first spin it’s obvious also The Sacrificed isn’t able to do better but I suppose no band will ever reach that goal. 

Don’t stop reading because The Sacrificed offers a first class record for all those who are into US style Progressive Power Metal. The Sacrificed is harder than most pure Progressive Metal bands and the base is for sure their love for Power Metal and traditional Heavy Metal. The arrangements are powerful and more than once overwhelming. Just listen to “The Return” for example, in my opinion a mind blowing song. Especially the combination of this hard hitting Metal with those clear and high pitched vocals are outstanding… and if you know my taste of music you know I just adore this combination. These kind of heavy songs are typical for this release although a track like “The Path Of Righteousness” is freaking me out. This kind of mysterious rhythms, stirring from the beginning ‘till the end and foreseen with soul touching guitar solos are Godlike!  

Eli Prinsen touches very high notes but next to that his vocal lines are so god damn seducing! In some way his voice keeps on playing in your head and therefore you keep on pushing the ‘play’ button. Also some leads are so impressive that I can’t stop listening to it. Also the ballad “I concede” is worth checking out. At the end of “Victorious” and on “Believe” this man leaves me behind with eyes wide shut, what a fantastic ‘King Diamond – like’ super high pitched backing vocals! With “Father” he proves once more what a beautiful voice this guy really owns, a golden timbre that is able to take you by the throat. The deliverance cover “Slay The Wicked” is extraordinary but less aggressive as the original! Maybe a lack of some healthy aggression is the only negative point I can mention about this release! 

It’s rather difficult to point one specific band that The Sacrificed can be compared with. Maybe a bit Lethal, Sacred Warrior, Fates Warning or Throes Of Sanity although the base of The Sacrificed is often groovier and more traditional in terms of Liege Lord, Titan Force or Savage Grace . Their songwriting isn’t always as complex but on the other hand the melodic lines of this Christian Metal band are often more accessible. What they do have in common are for sure the intelligent lyrics, you should really take your time reading them. The front cover declares a lot… 

Fans of great US style Progressive Power Metal shouldn’t doubt purchasing this CD that probably will end in my top 20 of 2010. The samples in and between the songs makes you more connected with this record and the stories in it, an extra bonus point. According to fortune tellers, the world will end in 2012, that gives us at least two years to enjoy this goodie. Check them out at

My Points: 87 / 100  (Review by Officer Nice)