Metal To Infinity

Rapidly approaching the end of 2011and as usual, bands come out and play something special in days of Christmas and New Year. Throughout the years, many Metal bands appear with their version of one or another, famous Christmas song. This time of the year goes like any other day of the year – the Christmas period doesn’t mean something special at all to me. I fill up these days with: playing some Metal music, eating and boozing until my stomach is about to explode, watching a good movie… regular stuff you know.  Supposed to be the most peaceful period of the year so make the best of it and have a whole lotta fun folks… cheers to all of you! 

As for 2011, it’s one of my favourite US Metal bands named The Sacrificed launch at first the Christmas cover entitled ‘The Little Drummer Boy’, originally written back in 1941 by Katherine Kenicott Davis. In 1958, the Harry Simeone choir recorded the song for the very first time and has been played by so many other musicians afterwards, I lost the count! The Sacrificed is a White Metal band and actually I’m not surprised with their version of this well know Christmas tune. Textually oriented, the song is about a poor boy who is not capable to give the newborn Jesus a present but still, he wants to do a tribute and start pound on his little drum. We all know that same old story, right!? As typical as a Christmas song can be but okay, it’s played by one of my US Metal faves and ain’t that bad at all… feels kinda modest and tender.   

The rest of the two song EP is fulfilled with a teaser from their new album entitled “III”. It’s only a teaser but still, I know for sure that this album will be a blast for all into US Power Metal. Unique and high vocals with steel bound guitar riffs introducing flammable solo works, can’t wait to hear the final result!  

“The Little Drummer Boy” is only available as an instant two track download if you pre-order the new full length album from The Sacrificed entitled “III”. If you’re not in a so called  Christmas mood, although your heart is pounding for excellent US Power Metal, The Sacrificed will be THE band you’re looking for. Just hurry up and order “III” from these guys at: … one thing for sure: you won’t regret at all!!! 

Review by Stefan