Metal To Infinity

Until the day a package loaded with a few promo CD’s was dropped off a little while ago I’ve never heard of German based The Seer before. In some ways a shame on me due to the fact they’re active for at least 20 years. Quite impressive discography including six studio albums as well as two live efforts released throughout their years of existence. Sharing the stage with Rock giants like The Scorpions, ZZ Top, Joe Cocker, The Who and more… many bands can mention a list like this you know. Never heard of them before so my curiosity about The Seed grew more and more so I gave their new album “Heading For The Sun” a few spins to write down my thoughts on the output. 

To be honest and while reading all the bands they’ve shared multiple stages with, I expected some kind of another band… something more Classic Rock / Hard Rock minded. Perhaps they were in the past but this new CD has nothing to do with good old Classic Rock at all, not even close. According to what I’ve heard while listening to all of the tracks – every song has the character of nowadays, mainstream minded Rock / Pop music. Every now and than, similarities with AOR pop up but disappears again a bit later on.  

I absolutely have no doubts about these guys’ musical talents – when a band delivers one or another kind of music throughout decades (and with the same, original line-up), well total respect is on my side for sure… you’ve gotta really strong to let this happen! But have to admit that “Heading For The Sun” is too modern / mainstream minded for me. Yes, I really like Rock music from time to time please, don’t start to blend some good Rock with subgenres like Pop or even Alternative music because that’s a bridge too far for me guys. 

The sound quality is very good, the packaging looks totally professional… modern Rock and Pop music fanatics can order “Heading For The Sun” blindfolded… they will like and admire the album for sure. As for me, I'm fully convinced about The Seer’s musical skills – about their way of music I don’t at all. I rather keep the faith in my own beloved / precious way of music so called METAL! Info about the band at:  

My Points: 55 / 100 (Review by Stefan)