Metal To Infinity

I have never been the fan of this kind of Death Metal. In the Eighties I couldn’t stand bands like Napalm Death and I remember many of my friends didn’t understand me. For some reason the mix of this kind of brutality and these exaggerating grunts wasn’t anything for me. Technical and melodic Death Metal like Death, that was more my stuff… 

Well, as a review writer I don’t need to convince the listener with my own taste… What I need to do is describe the album and give my meaning about it. Allow me not to give my opinion right now because I know I can never be fair! What I want to say is that The Argent Dawn is extremely brutal and if you’re into aggressive, technical and brutal Death Metal this might be what you’re looking for. The grunts are not understandable but I suppose fans don’t really care. It seems the band is influenced by the old school of Death Metal bands and by the newer generation, using all ideas that satisfies them… 

No, this is not my cup of tea and it’s god damn hard to rate an album I dislike, except for that dark passage in “Earth Angel”… But as I’ve said before my opinion could ‘hurt’ the band and that’s not my goal. These are hard working – musical wise spoken– musicians and they deserve more than a bad review and a colored meaning. Real fans of extreme brutal Death Metal will probably add ten points to my rate. 

My Points: 75 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)