Metal To Infinity

We received several full CDís from Black Widow records and Iíd like to thank these guys for it. Itís a matter of respect if the labels are willing to send us a full album. After all we, as review writers, spend a lot of time in making reviews. We have to search on the Internet for more information if the band is unknown to us, we need to listen several times to the CDís no matter you like or dislike themÖ Be sure not every album I receive is good enough to be added in my collection.

Next in row is The Black and the intro is strong en mysterious enough to maintain my attention. This isnít the first album of this Italian band but I doubt the band is well known in the Metal scŤne. The band delivers some kind of Doom Metal, a brand for this label by the way. Influenced by the old Black Sabbath this band delivers us one after another old and traditional Metal sounding song. By the vocals and some musical elements the band tries to get the right atmosphere into their music and they receive in their goal. Nevertheless I have to admit Iíve heard better bands in this genre beforeÖ

Fans of old sounding obscure Doom Metal and certainly fans of The Black shouldnít doubt trying this one out. Here and there some Progressive slices are added into the songs. Donít bother the fact these guys are delivering Italian lyrics, I didnít anyway. This kind of obscurity is wanted by a select public and therefore The Black deserves itís place in this specific part of our movement. As far as I know thereís a special vinyl edition of this album too, makes it even more obscure. Not bad if youíre into it. Check the band out at

My Points: 73 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)