Metal To Infinity

Another unknown band to me… Am I so ignorant about the present Metal scène or are there so many releases I can’t handle it anymore? Well, I stay calm and profit on a day off to listen to the CD’s I was sent for review. The Dust Connection seems to be a Dutch band and we all know how much talent our Northern neighbors contain. Time after time these Dutch bands astonish the listeners by what they’re capable of but for some reason these bands have problems to break through and to deliver real masterpieces. No matter how much talent Holland had in the history of Metal, only a few bands really became mainstream, strange… 

I don’t know if The Dust Connection will ever maintain stardom, I doubt it. Not that this CD isn’t good enough but after all Progressive Metal stays a difficult genre to get into. Only a few bands, worldwide, received the goal by becoming Rock stars with Progressive Metal and we all know whom we’re talking about. 

It doesn’t make this release less interesting and be sure all Progressive Metal fans should check this one out. I’ve read The Dust Connection already was a promising band a few years ago and with this release they confirm their status. In the beginning I had the feeling the production could have been stronger but the further I go, the less I can confirm my critics. Anyway I hear some fantastic tracks and the CD grows on me spin after spin. Typical for this kind of Metal, The Dust Connection varies the music with plenty of different arrangements into one and the same song; a blend of calm melancholic pieces and powerful ensembles. It makes this release very atmospheric and overall there’s some kind of dark strange mood present. The Dust Connection is focused on good melodic lines, very adaptable vocal lines and in every track it is possible to find the red lines. For a Progressive Metal band this isn’t always a sinecure… 

No discussion that this band contains some outstanding musicians. The keyboards, the guitars, the drum parts and bass guitar deliver the listener some fantastic pieces of music. The songwriting is strong and makes me believe this band is able doing far better! Jeroen Voogd seems to be a superb singer with strong lungs and a beautiful vocal sound. This wide ranged singer often reminds me of Geoff Tate (Queensryche) in his later period (nineties era) and this guy contains a voice that fits the music perfectly. 

Music, vocals and songs are strong and therefore it is easy to say The Dust Connection released an album that is remarkable in its genre. Fans of Evergrey, Wolverine, Fates Warning etc. will adore this release. Add an eye catching cover – one that breathes the atmosphere on this CD and nothing should hold you, as a fan of this genre, to purchase this one. Check them out at or  

My Points: 88 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)