Metal To Infinity

It seems Pure Steel has several daughter companies. One of them is Pure Legend Records and I presume more modern and less traditional Metal bands will find a stable right here. That’s a good strategic move if you would ask me. Pure Steel is still one of the best labels if we talk about True Heavy / Power Metal and on this way the new management is able to invite new bands to their forces. New bands, modern bands if you prefer, might have more possibilities to sell more albums, as a matter of fact it are those renewing bands that find much easier support by the Metal media. 

Anyway, The Embodied is a band that plays the modern kind of Metal but on a very intelligent way. These Swedish guys write very good music in which Thrash and Death musical influences are perfectly mixed with traditional Metal. In this case especially the vocals are giving that traditional touch, the music sounds more modern. The band’s picture empowers my words, just try to find it on the Internet and you will know what I mean if I say ‘old’ and ‘new’ are embodied in The Embodied. 

The result? One after another fantastic track that is and powerful and melodic! The Embodied found the secret to add that special effect into their arrangements that makes the music pretty unique. Awesome, just awesome! The vocals are as above just outstanding, emotional and strong, the perfect blend of what a good Metal singer needs to impress! Most of the time the vox are clean, on the right moments a scream or grunt makes this kind of Metal stronger. The debut of The Embodied is very promising and if I tell you Andy LaRocque (King Diamond) produced this self-entitled album I believe not many more words are needed. You want me to compare the band with other so you know The Embodied is something for you? I prefer not doing it, just take a good listen and buy this fantastic debut! Check  

My Points: 89 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)