Metal To Infinity

A picture of four heavy guys with a machine gun in their hands. A band that uses the F-word into their band name… Sounds heavy, looks though! In 2006 (6/6/06) the band released their debut album and ever since the band kept on playing gigs. Yet I have never heard of the band… 

Only a few notes are necessary to hear these guys are indeed heavy and though! This is no-nonsense music but not boring at all. The tracks are foreseen with multiple tempo changes and some good played guitar solos can be heard. The aggression comes out of the more groovy kind of Metal, the slower tunes are influenced by the old Black Sabbath, no doubts. Yet, The Fucking Wrath is able to surprise me, especially with those leads! Musical wise I am more into the technical kind of Metal but TFW isn’t the band that wants to show their skills. No, this is a ‘dirty’ band and the evil charisma they create really works.  

Add that typical Southern atmosphere, overwhelming bass guitars and you know what I am talking about. I am imagining these guys driving their bikes through the desert, watched by rattle snakes and other vicious reptiles. They hunt all day long, using their knife to kill one or another snake and have a great meal. Next to their improvised campfire they’re drinking lots of beers to shoot the bottles in a thousand pieces afterwards. Wanted by the law, rebels all the way… 

Not exactly my cup of thee but TFW impresses because of the wall of sound they create, because of the overwhelming aggression they weaved into their kind of Crossover Metal. After all their aggression and modern sound might be a strong trump in their further career. I’m convinced these guys will stand tall on stage and they wouldn’t make a bad figure on bigger festivals! Fans of the oldest Metallica, Southern Rock, Crossover and even Grunge must check them out at 78 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)