Metal To Infinity

“I desire to officially announce today that I left the band”… Those were the words I read when Rock It Up Records wrote me a message about The Gate. Damn, I didn’t even start my review… Well, the band is searching for a new singer so if you have a golden voice, some time left and if you’re motivated to join The Gate… The reasons of the split seem to be musical disagreements…  

Who’s The Gate anyway? Well, Gerald “Preacher” Warnecke was in a former life a guitar player of the German old metallers Running Wild. Guido Kramer, the singer who left the band was a member of The Company before. So yes, The Gate is an experienced band with musicians who have Metal running through their veins. Germany is and stays important in the Heavy Metal world and to get signed some talent is wanted.  

So, what do you expect? Old school Metal? Well, you’ve got old school Metal although some special tunes can be discovered. The Gate represents what Eighties Metal is standing for and after a short atmospheric intro the band brings one after another song in vein of Accept, Running Wild, Trance and their British brothers in those days. After multiple listens I even hear influences of US Metal… The Gate contains with their “Preacher” a very good guitar player and so it’s obvious one screaming and fast fingered solo after another is heading your way. The leads on this album are really fantastic! 

The Gate brings you tracks that only needs a few listens to shout and sing along! “Shout For Metal”, more words needed? I guess not. Not that this album is full of all kind of clichés, not at all but The Gate entered refrains and choruses that are often ‘easy on the ear’ like in for example “Into The Pit”.  

As above some great arrangements are weaved into their songs and so the middle part of “Face your fear” really impresses me. The dark atmosphere on this part is really great but this isn’t the red line of the entire disc. It only proves what these guys are really capable of. Would be outstanding to hear a full CD in this style…. Also the calm part in for example “Guy Anvil” is outstanding! The further I go into this silver disc, the more the leads sound terrific, the more I need to say that some first class guitars can be heard on this one. 

Guido Kramer has a good and strong voice, not really monotone but he’s not experimental enough with his timbre either. Nevertheless I am convinced he’s able to do much more…. On “10000 Miles Away” he really is expiring with a lower voice and it fits him very well! The man proves he owns a good voice, convincing! This is by the way the best song to me! Yet he owns very good lungs for this kind of music. I don’t know what the future will bring for the band. A more high pitched vocalist? Might be a good idea if the band works harder to sound more technical; The reason I’m mentioning this is because I believe in The Gate to release something much better than “Earth Cathedral”. Don’t get me wrong, this is after all a good album but some outstanding parts make me consider in more possibilities… Let me also mention the eye catching front cover and the website  

My Points: 83 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)