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Australian act The Loving Tongue are no strangers for us at Metal To Infinity webzine – reviews for these guys’ previously, self financed albums “Distant Dreams” (2005) / “Shadows Of Innocence” (2009) stand online for some time by now. We came in touch with singer / guitarist Jim Petkoff a few years ago and the man let us hear so much interesting, highly appreciating music coming from two bands he was playing with – The Loving Tongue and Raven Black Night (started in 1989)! Along with his brother Tom, they were determined to keep the flame of late seventies / early eighties Hard Rock / Heavy Metal burning bright.   

The only thing still missing was to sign a contract which happened in the meantime – Raven Black Night recently signed with Metal Blade Records… as for The Loving Tongue, I am very proud and pleased to spread the word of their new album entitled “Temple Of Love”, released through Germany based Killer Metal Records! Hopefully, the band can reach a broader, more international audience right now.  

Since the release of “Shadows Of Innocence”, TLT got company of drummer Joe Toscano… a well trained musician who made the band even stronger as they were before. The album was a unique piece of old school Hard Rock and Heavy Metal Music with a dark enchanting and psychedelic feel, every now and than inclined to Epic Metal. Maybe it’s my older age but I really admire this release with all of my heart. Their new album “Temple Of Love” comes like a precious gift from heaven to me and like to tell you all by now… it’s a beautiful effort all the way!   

Put yourself ready for a trip back into the almighty 70s / 80s Rock and Metal music because The Loving Tongue serves it all with great elegance in the form of 10 new tracks made with a character as it was many, many years ago! Superb vocals in the vein of Uriah Heep’s Ken Hensley, RJ Dio (the Rainbow years) and Ian Gillan. As if time stood still, listening to the entire new album “Temple Of Love”, these Aussie lads deliver nothing but the very best to me! Completely inspired from Classic Rock like Iron Butterfly / Cream / Grand Funk Railroad to good old Hard Rock and Metal music akin to the sound of Uriah Heep / Deep Purple / Rainbow /… fans of very early Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, Dio… The Loving Tongue let relive you this golden years!  

I can tell you a more detailed description for each song of the new album but rather find it a bit redundant. Mainly you should know that the band sounds just devastatingly – skipping to one or another track will lead you the same conclusion in the end. Great vocals, beautiful blazing guitar lines supported by tight, hard as steel drumming parts all the time offered with tons of respect for the old school Rock and Metal music.  

“Temple Of Love” from The Loving Tongue really let me feel like I’m eighteen years old again. Classic Rock and Metal are simply not to be sneezed – once you feel the real deal, you never want to lose it no matter what it takes! This feeling came over me decades ago and it’s still present nowadays. Thumbs up for The loving Tongue’s new album which is their best so far to me. Brand new but damn old school influenced – I just love it!! Check ‘em out at: /  /   Order the CD at:  

My Points: 93 / 100 (Review by Stefan)