Metal To Infinity

A remarkable cover! This is a release from Apache Records in cooperation with Alcatraz Music, the organization behind the most True Metal festival of Belgium, the ''Alcatraz Festival''. As far as I remember The Lucifer Principle was present at the very first edition of this festival and they did a pretty good job. These guys, from Holland, are totally into Death Metal and perform this kind of music just the way I like it; technical but yet melodic and with an overwhelming power. The Lucifer Principle released an album of old school Death Metal before, called ''Pitch Black Dawn''.    

The band takes off with an overpowering track; 'Born In Bloodshed'. The way the backing vocals are used in this song are pretty original in a Death Metal song. The supportive vocals in the background are ''traditional'', the front vocals grunt. Often you hear the opposite, remarkable but it fits! Also the heavy loaded middle part is awesome, same counts for the technical played yet emotional guitar solo. Just the way I like it, just the way a good Metal song should sound!    

'Bond Of Supremacy' is another song that will take you by the throat, once again the solos are remarkable. As a matter of fact all songs are good enough to blow you away if you're into old school Death Metal with a dark atmosphere. Another track I adore is 'Death Resort' because it injects TLP's fury and brutality directly into my veins! Same counts for 'Nullification Of Life', a song that could create a devastating mosh pit during a concert. Once again I hear fantastic guitars... My favorite track of this goody is 'Kadaver', containing all ingredients that makes Death Metal so awesome but all are performed in an extra dimension...    

Except for the opening track I can say that every particular song is strong enough to convince the listener but the album needs time. It took a whole before most tracks kept on playing on my mind. Yet this is the type of  album that you will give spin after spin. Especially the aggression in the rhythmic foundation, the vocals and riffs, contains an addictive effect and will easily rip your face off. The sound of The Lucifer Principle is full of  pure anger, devastation, annihilation...    

The first release of Alcatraz Music is one to be proud of! Yes, this album is a must for every Death Metal fanatic. No doubts that this release will surprise many fans of extreme Metal. The Lucifer Principle will play, as a co-headliner in the ''Alcatraz club'', at the next edition of the Alcatraz festival. On the main stage you can welcome Saxon, Ross The Boss, Testament, Helstar, Agent Steel, Onslaught and Killer. Place to be is Brielpoort in Deinze-Belgium, the 8th of August 2009. Check and for this great album ... also,  go find your way to:   

My Points: 86 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)