Metal To Infinity

Eighties Thrashers might remember a band called Rapture. No? Well, don’t be ashamed because I don’t remember them too. Nevertheless this band seemed to be successful at the end of the Eighties in the US. Rapture supported many famous Metal bands on stage but in Europe they never became famous. Meanwhile the band changed their name into The Moshketeers which sounds less Metal but describes far better what this band is all about. “The Downward Spiral” was recorded and released in the period 1989 – 1990 but it was no big success… Why? I really shouldn’t know but I am convinced it has nothing to do with the music… 

Although the band’s green logo, the band’s name and humor isn’t at all attractive to me I really like this CD. On this re-release there’s a picture of the Rapture logo and to me that was so much more “Metal”. But I do understand why the band changed some things to be more attractive in that specific era. Imagine this is the kind of bands that was dressed with multi colored shirts and Bermudas on stage… Like Anthrax? Yes, like Anthrax! Well, there are more similarities with Anthrax although these guys from New Jersey are not at all a copy-paste!  

Oh yes, “Moshing” is something Anthrax involved but they didn’t have the exclusive rights on it. Surely when we talk music The Moshketeers are representing moshing riffs all over but this band is more! This band plays technical Metal and lots of riffs and arrangements are really superb! Even more special is that the band also mixes genres in and between songs. It proves this band was able to do so much more. Yet, the red line in the entire CD is Thrash, moshing Thrash, the kind of Thrash that deserves an Indian tribal dance, some crowd surfing and lots of stage dives! 

This is for sure an album every Thrasher should check out. Not only because of the awesome riffs but also because of some surprising first class guitar solos (“Self Extinction”). If you like tempo changes, hard hitting drums, aggressive vocals…. Fans of bands like Anthrax, Megadeth, Defiance and even some Cross Over bands (DRI, Suicidal Tendencies, Excel) shouldn’t doubt purchasing this release!  

My Points: 85 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)